The IM-S-653 orbital garrison, also known as The Hexostar[1] was a relatively new line of Imperial garrisons specializing in planetary orbit-related objectives created by Rothana Heavy Engineering, also capable of tracking down and eliminating any surface or space-based target.[1]


A Hexostar were two standard garrisons locked together base-to-base. Despite being advertised as the most cost-efficient solution,[1] this variation was rarely deployed. These garrisons were only deployed in orbits around extremely hostile and dangerous planets. This provided the troops on the ground with an orbital fire base and also made the headquarters extra secure. Orbiting Garrisons could support a full TIE wing and several orbital tugships. Since the garrisons lacked engines, the tugs were the only means of propulsion.[2]

However, orbiting garrisons created a controversy with the Navy, which considered all space-deployed units their jurisdiction. In the end, the command on orbiting garrisons was split between Navy and Army, with one base commanded by an Admiral, the other one by a Major General. Additionally, a new orbital defense platform for the Navy was put into production.[2]

In addition, according to the leader of Rogue Squadron Wedge Antilles, who had just returned with his group from Ootoola, the hexostar had a blind spot around the equators that acted as a critical weakpoint to the garrison.[1]


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