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The INT-4 Interceptor was a scout craft used by the Galactic Empire. A short-range flyer operated by a single pilot, it could be carried within the body of an All Terrain Armored Transport. Several INT-4s were utilized by Blizzard Force to scout for the Rebel base on Hoth in 3 ABY.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The INT-4 was created by the Kenner toy company in 1982 as part of the second wave of its Mini-Rig vehicle series. It was designed to fit inside the AT-AT walker toy also produced by Kenner. The original toy packaging depicted the INT-4 in a white setting with snowtroopers and AT-AT pilots, and described it as performing "a scouting mission for Rebel Base [sic]". The contemporary catalogue, however, stated it could "fly short missions." Kenner later reissued the INT-4 twice in 1982, and again in 1983.[2]

A similar vehicle appeared on the cover of the novel Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka. Tim Veekhoven's blog post Offscreen, but Not Forgotten: Mini-Rigs, Body-Rigs, and Other Kenner Vehicles, however, revealed that the starfighters in this cover illustration were based on Kenner's Scout Walker cockpits rather than the INT-4.


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