The IR-3F-class light frigate, commonly referred to as the IR-3F patrol craft or IR-3F, was a light frigate designed by Sienar Fleet Systems for use as a system patrol and customs ship.


The IR-3F was 110 meters long. It had a high power output and fast sublight engines for a ship of its size, and could achieve atmospheric flight at 1,000 kilometers per hour; however, it was not equipped with a hyperdrive.[4][1] It was equipped with shields, and armed with four turbolaser cannon turrets, though some models were equipped with four fire-linked heavy laser cannons instead.[1][2]

The ship had a crew of 11 (including 8 gunners), though it could be staffed by a single individual in some circumstances. It carried ten troops, three months' worth of consumables, and had space for 180 metric tons of cargo.[1] The small crew was often inadequately rotated, resulting in a tendency for them to wear down quickly.[4]

Patrol ship tactics generally led to these ships operating within an hour's distance of their base of operations, and maintaining continuous comlink contact with it.[5] When engaging a target, they employed their high speed and brute force to disable or destroy it before it could escape into hyperspace.[1]


The IR-3F was the predecessor of the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft.[4] However, the craft still saw some use with single-system governments, including Core Worlds within the Ringali Shell.[4][5] It also saw limited use in the Imperial services, particularly in systems with large support vessel populations or ongoing blockades.[4]

IR-3Fs formed the Imperial Navy's Digit Squadron at Bakura. Five of them fought against the Ssi-ruuk at the Battle of Bakura; three of those ships survived, becoming the property of the Bakuran government when that world became independent.[1] They continued serving under the Bakuran government for decades afterward.[2]

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An IR-3F as depicted in The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook

The IR-3F was illustrated in The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook as looking much like the IPV-1; a very different look was illustrated in Pirates & Privateers.



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