The ISP-6 Imperial Shuttle Pod was a small air/space vehicle used by the Imperial forces.[2]

It was a single-seat vehicle with a tri-wing configuration reminiscent of the larger Lambda-class shuttle. It was a fast, compact transport, designed to be deployed from larger shuttles, and it was armed with two defensive blaster cannons for operations in combat zones. It also possessed a rear-view mirror to spot Rebel fighters from behind.[3]

A number were also acquired by the Rebel Alliance. The Alliance Intelligence flagship Shadow Raptor carried a dozen in the rear hangar. Additionally, one of the embarked Kappa-class shuttles carried two in its vehicle bay.[1]

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Kenner Mini Rig ISP-6

The ISP-6 was a 1983 Kenner toy "mini-rig", and was not seen in any other media.[2] The description of it as "fast" and its role as a pod that would be deployed from shuttles, come from the Kenner promotional material quoted at The Star Wars Collectors Archive.[3]



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