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"…there's something I've always found interesting about this model of interrogation droid. It typically isn't programmed to know anything about a prisoner. All it knows is that you're the one in the cell—and that means you must be the interview subject. I've had prisoners break when no one's there to listen. They think they're talking to the droid, but it doesn't hear them. You can tell it anything and it doesn't care. It'll just keep working on you until someone tells it to stop."
Captain Khione[src]

The IT-O Interrogation Unit was an interrogator droid developed by the Imperial Department of Military Research and utilized by the Galactic Empire.


"Oh hello, IT-O. Big fan of your work."

Developed in secret by the Imperial Department of Military Research,[1] IT-Os were used by the Galactic Empire to extract information from prisoners through the use of mind probes.[2] Jedi, however, were known to have been trained to resist mind probes, requiring the use of other methods to procure information from them. One IT-O droid was used to interrogate Kanan Jarrus aboard Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's Star Destroyer Sovereign. However, torture was eventually handed over to The Grand Inquisitor.[5] Another IT-O was used aboard the Death Star to extract information from Princess Leia Organa, although she proved to have considerable resistance to the mind probe.[2] The IT-O was later deployed on Yavin 4 during the Empire's cleanup operations at the former Alliance base.[9]

Decades later, the First Order would use a new model of interrogator droid that harked back to the IT-O model.[10]

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