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The IW-37 pincer loader droid was a model of labor droid produced by Cybot Galactica for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. It was designed to deal with sensitive, potentially explosive loads, particularly live military ordnance. It worked in circumstances that required the brute strength and indestructibility of a binary loadlifter, but with a high degree of subtle accuracy when handling an object. The droids primary feature was a terrifying looking pincer arm that could operate with the most delicate touch.[1]

The grasping arm, which was centrally positioned on the front of the droid's chasis, could reach into small compartments to load or retrieve missiles and ammunition canisters, or recover ordnance or fuel cells from a wreckage to make it safe. Should anything explode, the IW-37's[1] blaster-resistant durasteel armor[2] meant it could generally take the hit and keep working.[1] The droids chassis had a rechargeable battery module on its back and also featured two large flat-footed legs.[2]

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