"They say you had to kill an Icarii seven times, an' even that might not be enough."

The Icarii were a near-Human species native to Vestar who were wiped out in the so-called Icarii campaign by the Galactic Empire's Lightning Battalion under the command of General Nim and Colonel Abal Karda. Lightning Battalion employed a horrific biological agent to eradicate the Icarii after months of vicious fighting. Only one Icarii survived, later to be killed by Darth Vader.

Imperial forces referred to the Icarii as Ikies, a derogatory word. Due to the Icarii's unique biology, they could survive dismemberment, even decapitation and still remain alive. However, it was possible to kill an Icarii by severing the brain in half. A common phrase, brought on by these abilities was that you had to kill an Icarii seven times.



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