The Ice Crypts were a network of subterranean caves in the glaciers several hundred meters beneath the Hasamadhi Warehouse District, near the south pole of Coruscant.

Thirteen burial chambers lay at the end of the tunnel system, each containing a mummified corpse with weapons, armor, and trophies of war. Archaeologists believed them to be the remains of the chiefs of the thirteen nations of Zhell, who presumably had fled there after their defeat at the hands of the Taungs in Pre-Republic times. It was one of the only known artifacts of this time period.

In 10,000 BBY, the historian Vicendi included the Ice Crypts in his list of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy.[1]

While the crypts were open to the public in the time of the Galactic Republic, the Empire restricted them in an effort to suppress information on Pre-Imperial civilizations. The temperature was maintained to keep the tunnels from melting, and tourists were prevented from entering the chambers themselves. Some curators claimed to have heard ghostly voices at night reciting the chant "korah mahtah."



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