"Destroy him, Wicket! The Ice Demon commands you!"
―Stagorr, ordering Wicket W. Warrick to kill Logray[src]

Ice Demons were sentient humanoids with ice-like traits, possessing bodies that appeared similar to white crystal, as well as resistance to frigid temperatures. They had long, curved horns and sharp, icicle-like teeth. Their eyes were black with white centers, and their feet ended in sharp spikes.

At least one member of the species, the sorcerer known as Stagorr, lived on the forest moon of Endor. Several years before 3 ABY, Stagorr fought in a duel with the Ewok shaman Logray and was banished to the inside of Ice Mountain. The Ice Demon hatched a scheme to lure Logray back to free him, but it backfired when Wicket W. Warrick used fire magic to melt some ice, douse the Ice Demon in water, and trap him when it refroze.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

"No! Not water!"
―Stagorr, just before his death[src]

Ice Demons had long, curved horns and sharp, icy teeth.

Ice Demons were a sentient species with an ice-like appearance. Their bodies were humanoid[3] with musculature similar to other such species.[4] They stood about two meters tall,[2] and each of their hands had five digits, while each foot came to a single, sharp point. Their eyes were black with white centers,[3] and their noses were pointed and hooked.[1] Each Ice Demon had a large mouth filled with sharp, icicle-like teeth,[3] more on the bottom than on the top,[5] and a white tongue.[6] Their heads were crowned by two curved horns that pointed upward.[3]

Their ice-like traits set them apart from other humanoids. Ice Demons were white and icy, glistening blue in certain lighting conditions. The effect was so pronounced that icicles seemed to grow from their bodies.[3] Their frosty natures made them resistant to severe cold.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

"Stagorr dwells inside Ice Mountain! Stagorr, the evil Ice Demon! I myself imprisoned him there many years ago! And now, thanks to my carelessness, he may have found a way out!"

Stagorr the Ice Demon was defeated and banished to Ice Mountain by the Ewok shaman Logray.

Years before 3 ABY,[7][8] the Force-sensitive[9] Ice Demon Stagorr had established himself as a powerful sorcerer on the Forest Moon of Endor. That brought him into contact with Logray, the Ewok shaman of Bright Tree Village. The two fought a magical duel, during which Logray banished the Ice Demon to imprisonment within Endor's Ice Mountain.[5] Stagorr never gave up hope of leaving his prison, and he continued to spy on his old rival via a magical ice mirror. When he saw the young Ewok Wicket W. Warrick take Logray's staff,[1] Stagorr seized the moment to bring the Ewok to him via a wind tunnel spell,[8] hoping to lure Logray back to Ice Mountain.[10]

The Ice Demon could not touch Logray's staff, the instrument that had banished him, so he put a hex on Warrick that forced the Ewok to obey his commands.[5] As expected, Logray appeared at Ice Mountain to rescue his younger tribemate.[11] Stagorr cloistered himself in his lair and sent his proxy, Warrick, to duel his old enemy. Nevertheless, Logray managed to counter Stagorr's every spell.[12] Frustrated, the sorcerer finally showed himself, threatening to kill Warrick if Logray did not relinquish the staff. Logray did so.[4] The Ice Demon scoffed as Warrick attacked with a simple, fire-based magic trick, but the fire melted some of the Ice Mountain interior and caused liquid water to fall on Stagorr's body.[13] As it refroze, he lost the ability to move.[14]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Stagorr the Ice Demon appears in Ewoks 6: The Ice Demon, an issue of the Marvel Ewoks comic book written by David Manak and illustrated by Warren Kremer.[15] At one point in the story, Stagorr summons two icy humanoids to aid him, beings that Wicket W. Warrick dubs "ice creatures." The two beings are similar in appearance to Stagorr, although they lack horns, so they may represent other Ice Demons.[16]

The comic book shows that Stagorr has the ability to freeze objects he touches. It is unclear whether this is a manifestation of his magic or a trait of all Ice Demons.[10] Whatever the case, the trick also makes Stagorr vulnerable to liquid water. Assuming this is a species-wide ability, dousing an Ice Demon with water seems fatal, as the liquid freezes around the body and entombs the being inside.[13]

Stagorr's origins on Endor are not documented in existing sources. The book Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, p. 40, implies that only Ewoks and Yuzzums are native to the Forest Moon of Endor. The article "Castaways of Endor" adds only Duloks to this list and implies that all other sentients on Endor have been introduced from other worlds. These sources explain that such arrivals were relatively common thanks to the a massive gravity shadow and a shield of space debris that crashed ships on the moon.[17] Nevertheless, Ice Demons cannot be ruled out as a native Endorian species from current sources.

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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