The Ice Giant Range was a mountain range[3] on the planet Tython that was home to Stav Kesh, the Temple of Martial Arts for the Je'daii Order.[2] The mountain range was situated on the continent of Kato Zakar; it lay almost five hundred kilometers inland from the northern shore and twenty-seven hundred kilometers north the continent's volcanic heartlands.[1] The Tho Yor pyramid ship that brought the first Tythan pilgrims to the Ice Giants buried itself in the mountain range, and the Je'daii built Stav Kesh on the slopes above the Tho Yor.[2]

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The Ice Giant Range was first pictured in the preview issue 0 of the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi comic series, and it appeared in the series' first issue[2] and tie-in novel Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void,[1] but it was first named in the series' sixth issue.[3]

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