"The Imperialis has leapt away into hyperspace, Commodore Idel. What now, sir?"
"For me, lieutenant? This, I think."
―An Imperial adjutant and Idel, just before Idel killed himself[1]

Idel was a human male who served as a commodore in the Imperial Navy and commanded his own Imperial-class Star Destroyer. He led a trio of Imperial Star Destroyers to recapture Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine's luxury pleasure craft, the Imperialis, after it was stolen from Orbital Shipyard CC-24 in the Castell system. Idel destroyed the shipyard and then attempted to use gravity mines to capture the Imperialis.

When that failed, he offered a million-credit reward to whomever brought him the Imperialis, causing the other two Star Destroyers—commanded by Captains Conro and Shan—to try and use their vessels' tractor beams to capture the yacht. The smuggler Lando Calrissian, who was piloting the Imperialis, maneuvered the yacht so that the two Star Destroyers collided, allowing the Imperialis to escape. Realizing he had failed the Emperor, Idel shot himself in the head.


Punishing failure[]

"But first, the Emperor instructed me to provide an… object lesson on the consequences of failure to protect his property."
―Idel reveals that he must punish the crew of Orbital Shipyard CC-24[1]

Idel destroyed Orbital Shipyard CC-24 on the Emperor's orders.

During the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Commodore Idel served in the Imperial Navy and commanded his own Imperial-class Star Destroyer. After a group of thieves led by the smuggler Lando Calrissian managed to board and steal Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine's pleasure yacht, the Imperialis, from Sienar Fleet Systems' Orbital Shipyard CC-24 space station in the Castell system, Idel was assigned to recover the vessel on the Emperor's orders.[1]

In addition to his own vessel, Idel was given command over the Star Destroyers belonging to Captains Shan and Conro for the mission, and the trio arrived in the Castell system before the Imperialis could escape. The commodore contacted his two subordinates via hologram once above the shipyard and briefed them of their mission before commencing the task by ordering his gunners to destroy the space station in order to make an example of those who failed the Emperor.[1]

The easy way out[]

"Stand by in case I need you. I expect this all to be over quickly."
―Idel, to Captains Conro and Shan[1]

Idel killed himself after failing to capture the Imperialis.

Once the Star Destroyers' turbolasers had reduced CC-24 to space dust, Idel turned his attention to the yacht. Ordering Shan and Conro to stand by while he handled the thieves, the commodore had his Star Destroyer release a pair of gravity mines, which would latch onto the Imperialis and prevent it from jumping to hyperspace. However, the yacht's automated defense system quickly destroyed the mines, prompting Idel to offer a million credits to whichever captain could capture the ship first.[1]

Keen to claim Idel's promised reward, both Shan and Conro moved to capture the Imperialis with their vessels' tractor beams. However, Calrissian, who was piloting the yacht, maneuvered the the Imperialis between the two Star Destroyers, causing the two Imperial vessels' beams to lock onto each other instead. The captains realized their mistake too late, and their ships were pulled together into a collision while the Imperialis fled the system. Having witnessed the utter failure of his mission unfold before him, Idel chose to end his own life rather than face the Emperor's wrath. After advising his crew that they might consider defecting to the Rebel Alliance, he took his blaster pistol and shot himself in the head.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"A million credits to whoever brings me that ship."

Idel expected little trouble in recapturing the Imperialis.

Idel was confident that he would be able to reclaim the Imperialis with ease upon reaching the Castell system and had his two supporting captains hold back while he tried to capture the vessel on his own. However, when Shan questioned the need for three vessels on such a mission, the commodore pointed out that it was the Emperor's orders and told the captain to focus on the mission.[1]

After Idel's gravity mine scheme failed, his confidence was shaken to the point that he was willing to offer a large sum of credits to the captain that succeeded in capturing the yacht. After the Imperialis escaped due to the incompetence of Shan and Conro, Idel chose to commit suicide over the failure, avoiding whatever punishment the Emperor might have in store. A human, the mustachioed Idel had blond hair, fair skin, and brown eyes, with a scar running across his right eye socket.[1]


Idel wore a gray Imperial officer's uniform and carried a blaster pistol while aboard the bridge of his Star Destroyer.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Idel was created for the comic book Lando 2, which was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Alex Maleev,[1] and published by Marvel Comics on August 12, 2015.[2]


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