Iella Wessiri Antilles was a Corellian female, who served as a CorSec agent and, during the Galactic Civil War, a spy for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. She went on to become a member of New Republic Intelligence, and later married Wedge Antilles.


Corellian Security[]

Wessiri with her CorSec partner, Corran Horn.

Iella joined the Corellian Security Force in 1 BBY.[1] Later, she partnered with Corran Horn for two years,[1] acting as a mentor to the headstrong young officer, and also worked with veteran investigator Gil Bastra. Wessiri and Horn foiled several kidnapping attempts, including ones made on Siolle Tinta and Wynssa Starflare (although it wasn't until years later that they learned Starflare's true identity). After a harrowing raid on a glitterstim den, she and Corran nearly slept together. However, Kirtan Loor—the Imperial Liaison officer—took them in for debriefing, and when they saw each other again, the moment had passed.

Corran learned that Kirtan Loor was planning to have them arrested on trumped up charges, so he, Gil Bastra, Iella Wessiri, and Iella's husband Diric Wessiri, made plans to escape. Corran escaped as Loor was planning on having him murdered. Diric and Iella Wessiri escaped to Coruscant.

Joining the Rebellion[]

On Coruscant, Iella joined the Rebellion as an intelligence operative, sometimes performing deep undercover work for months at a time. In 7 ABY, she assisted Rogue Squadron in its undercover mission to retake Imperial-occupied Coruscant from Ysanne Isard's regime.[2]

Iella and Diric were often separated due to work. Diric was in fact a sleeper agent, captured and brainwashed by Isard during his confinement on the hidden Imperial prison facility Lusankya. While Iella was escorting former Imperial Intelligence officer Kirtan Loor into Republic custody, the two were attacked by an Imperial assassin, who killed Loor before Iella shot him. Tragically, she realized it was actually Diric, who thanked her with his dying breath for releasing him from Isard's control.[1]

The Bacta War[]

She participated in the Bacta War by inserting herself to Thyferra along with Elscol Loro and her team to organize the local Vratix in toppling the Bacta Cartel. Under the the codename of Hook she helped perform many covert operations. One of which was joining a strike team that launched a raid on the Dlarit estate to humiliate Aerin Dlarit, stripping him of his uniform and spreading holos of their deed. The planet was eventually liberated after the Battle of Thyferra.[3]

In 9 ABY, Iella was able to exact justice by fatally shooting Isard during the Rogues' struggle with Imperial admiral/warlord Delak Krennel.[4]

Iella and Wedge, shortly before the Battle of Adumar

During the Rogues' mission to Coruscant, Wessiri and Wedge Antilles developed a deep mutual attraction. Though she admitted her love for Diric was not passionate, her sense of loyalty prevented her from pursuing a relationship with the Alliance hero.[2] Later, during the Zsinj campaign after Diric's death, the two began dating when duty assignments converged on Coruscant. Their relationship stalled out due to conflicting careers, only to reignite during a mission to bring the Outer Rim planet Adumar into the New Republic. Iella used the alias Fiana Novarr during this undercover mission. Her cover story was that of a Corellian slicer hired by the Cartann government to do interfaces between their set of computer protocols and New Republic and Imperial standards. Wedge proposed before their time on Adumar was over.[5]

By the time of Luke Skywalker's marriage to Mara Jade, it was revealed the two had been married for some time and had two daughters, Syal and Myri.[6] Iella's career with New Republic Intelligence following the Adumar operation is so far undocumented. She retired after the Galactic Civil War, but, along with Wedge, came out of retirement during the Yuuzhan Vong War. She and Wedge both retired after the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar.

Second Galactic Civil War[]

In early 40 ABY, Iella, Wedge, and their youngest daughter, Myri, were living in Coronet City on Corellia. During her retirement, Iella began grooming Myri to follow in her footsteps as an intelligence agent. When tensions escalated between the Galactic Alliance and Corellia, Iella and her husband were forced to come out of retirement. Wedge openly sided with Corellia after a failed attempt by the Galactic Alliance to keep him out of the war.[7] Iella, on the other hand, continued to work as an intelligence agent.[8]

Following Wedge's resignation from the Corellian military, Iella, Myri, Corran, and Mirax rescued him from several CorSec officers attempting to assassinate him. The group then fled to the Errant Venture, where they reunited with old friends. While on the ship, Iella and Myri worked as dealers in the gambling area in an effort to gather intelligence.[8]

Iella began analyzing holonews and distributing her conclusions to Booster Terrik, Talon Karrde, her husband, and, when Wedge began working as his military advisor, Luke Skywalker. During the Battle of Centerpoint Station, she accompanied a Jedi strike team on the shuttle Reveille in infiltrating the Anakin Solo, and joined Han and Leia Organa Solo in rescuing Allana, while Luke, Saba Sebatyne, and Ben Skywalker provided a diversion for Jacen by attacking him on the bridge. She escaped with the rest of the strike team on the Millennium Falcon, piloted by Jagged Fel.[9]

Personality and traits[]

Iella after her marriage to Wedge Antilles.

"No, really, please. I have to know. It normally takes a vote of the Senate or a planetary collision to get Iella to change her mind. I need to learn how to do whatever you did."
Wedge Antilles to Hallis Saper[5]

Iella herself once said she was pretty stubborn, even more so when she was younger.[5]She was also very competent in almost all things she did, even going as far as saying she could beat Corran where all their skills would overlap.[3]


Corran Horn[]

Iella had a close friendship with her Corellian Security Force partner Corran Horn. During one particular mission at a glitterstim dealer's warehouse, she found herself saving his life. Horn's gratefulness made him feel and think that he was in love with Wessiri, to which she responded similarly. After the mission, they were separated and debriefed without them seeing each other for two days. Horn then realized his attraction had been the result of the emotional comedown from combat. Nothing happened between the two and they continued being friends.[10]

Diric Wessiri[]

She married Diric Wessiri sometime during her tenure in the Corellian Security Force. While their marriage was not particularly passionate, it was a stable and affectionate one. They soon left Corellia and fled to Coruscant, living under fake identities created by Gil Bastra. Diric was captured on a routine sweep and she then joined the Rebel Alliance. They were reunited when Coruscant was liberated from Isard's control. It turned out that Diric was used in Evir Derricote's experiments with the Krytos virus. She tried nursing him back to health as she contributed to the prosecution team of Tycho Celchu's trial. After being assigned to protect Kirtan Loor, who was coming out to testify, she successfully shot the assassin who killed Loor. It turned out to be none other than Diric, who was a victim of Isard's brain washing on Lusankya. He died in her arms.[2]



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