"Ellis, dear, stop overreacting."

Iero was a male Human living on Ord Mantell with his wife Ellis during the Separatist War. Their son Paul disappeared one day and remained missing for years, during which the couple struggled together. By 3643 BBY they found themselves in the refugee camp outside Fort Garnik, just on the outskirts of the war zone. It was at this time that Ellis was informed by a woman named Jenna that she saw her son alive at Mannett Point, by this time a separatist-controlled territory. Iero remained skeptical and did not want to give his wife false hope, yet despite his words she convinced a friendly Republic individual to confirm whether it was indeed their son. As it turned out, Paul was indeed alive but pumped with rage-inducing stimulants to the point that he did not remember his own name, much less his parents. He was taken off the stims, but was still in danger to other due to extreme aggressiveness, and to avoid facing his parents like this, Paul fled Ord Mantell until the effects of the stims wore off.

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