Ignar Ominaz was a swoop racer during the last years of the Galactic Republic. He was a member of Team Millennium Holos. He was killed in a terrorist attack on Caprioril during the Galactic Empire's reign.


Ignar Ominaz was a Human male swoop racer.[3] In 22 BBY, Ominaz was a two-time champion who utilized an Ikas-Adno JP-420 swoop, and raced for Team Millennium Holos. Ominaz attained his twenty-seventh career victory on the TransGal circuit in the race in Tasjon on the planet Corulag, completing the twenty-four lap race in fifty-one minutes and fourteen seconds with a top speed of 387 kph. His nearest opponent was Serji-X Arrogantus, who trailed him by less than two points. His next planned race was the Stassia Classic.[4]

Some time after the Battle of Yavin,[1] Ominaz was a shadow of his former glory, and maintained a HoloNet site from where he sold autographs. He was present on Corellia, at the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, and had ordered a custom power converter for his swoop. The Drall courier got lost in the swamps, and Ominaz hired a spacer to find him and provide a safe escort. Ominaz later hired the spacer again to guide the Chadra-Fan Dinnik Innik, Ominaz's old rival, to the circuit to compete in a private head-to-head race. When Innik arrived, he told Ominaz that he would not be racing him, and in fact had proof that Ominaz sabotaged Innik's swoop in their last encounter and was taking the evidence to the racing commission.[3]

Ominaz was later killed[2] some time before the Battle of Hoth[1] when an assassin droid killed all 20,000 attendees of a swoop race on the planet Caprioril in an effort to kill Governor Amel Bakli.[2]



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