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Ikas-Adno was the manufacturer of many speeder bikes, landspeeders, and swoops. Originally, it was two separate companies, Ikas and Adno. They operated a dozen plants on the world of Kolatill, within the Kathol sector, where they were supplied with repulsorlift parts manufactured by GandleMotors.

During an attempt to outrun several members of Black Sun on speeder bikes, Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn was pursued by a bike that was manufactured by Ikas-Adno; this particular vehicle, mounting a sidecar, proved difficult to shake off when it became entwined with Horn's bike, connected by a magnetic cable. The sidecar mounting bracket was so strong, it prompted the Rogue to make a mental note to congratulate the manufacturers on their quality—provided he made it out of that mess alive.

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At one point, The Star Wars Sourcebook misspells the company as "Ikas-Ando."

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