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"We left Pastoria and headed to the next stop on General Organa's list of potential Resistance allies—a Mid Rim world called Ikkrukk."
―Jessika Pava[src]

Ikkrukk was a mountainous planet in the Mid Rim. During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the planet was attacked by the First Order. Black Squadron of the Resistance managed to defeat the First Order forces, saving Ikkrukk.


"Ikkrukk should have been impossible to crack. I think that's why Leia sent us there in the first place. Could have been a huge help to the Resistance."
―Jessika Pava[src]
Ikkrukk mountains

The terrain of Ikkrukk

Ikkrukk was a cloudy terrestrial planet located in the Mid Rim of the galaxy, home to the humanoid Ikkrukkian species. The terrain of Ikkrukk was mostly rocky and mountainous. Grail City was a heavily shielded city built into the side of a mountain on Ikkrukk, which was also defended by orbital and ground-based cannons and hunter-killer droids, most of which were temporarily disabled by sympathizers of the First Order.[1] The planet had its own government, which was led by Prime Minister Grist during the First Order–Resistance war.[3]


"Grail City is under attack by the First Order. They arrived here and told us our system was now under their control. When we declined, they hit us."
Attack Ikkrukk

The First Order attacks Ikkrukk.

After the First Order's destruction of the Hosnian system and their loss in the Battle of Starkiller Base,[4] they launched attacks on several planets, in an attempt to bring them under their control. After the Ikkrukkians refused to submit to the First Order, the Maxima-A class heavy cruiser Fortitude attacked Grail City. Several First Order sympathizers disabled the city's defense grid, and killed the engineers who could reactivate them. In Grail City,[1] Prime Minister[3] Grist sent out a distress signal, hoping to receive help from the Resistance.[1]

Black Squadron of the Resistance, who had been sent on a mission to find additional allies, had previously failed to convince King Siroc of Pastoria into helping them.[5] They moved onto Ikkrukk, a planet that General Leia Organa had listed as a potential ally. However, when the squadron arrived, they picked up Grist's distress call, and headed for Grail City as they contacted her, informing her that they would help Ikkrukk. Jessika Pava recognized the defense systems as FreiTek Planetary Defense, telling Grist that she could bring it online if she was let through the shield that surrounded the city. The Fortitude detected the incoming fighters, deploying many of its TIE fighters. Pava and Suralinda Javos narrowly made it through a hole the Ikkrukkians had briefly opened in the shield, and met with Grist and her team.[1] During their attempt to reactivate the defense grid, Javos was shot and severely injured by the First Order sympathizers. Despite this, she and Pava managed to fight their way past several of the sympathizers, meeting back up with Grist at the controls for the defense grid.[3]

In the skies of Ikkrukk, Temmin Wexley and Karé Kun were close to being defeated by the Fortitude and its forces, but Black Leader Poe Dameron,[3] who had received Pava's transmissions of the events[1] and persuaded General Organa to allow him to help, arrived in a starfighter loaned from Grakkus the Hutt. With Dameron's help, Black Squadron bombed the Fortitude with its own TIE fighters, damaging it. At the same time, Grail City's shield was disabled, and the Fortitude prepared to bombard it. However, the shield had been lowered by Pava, Grist and Javos, who had brought Ikkrukk's surface cannons back online. Before the cruiser could fire on the city, it was shot by the reactivated cannons, causing its destruction. After the battle had ended, Grist met with Black Squadron, telling them that Ikkrukk would help the Resistance.[3]

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Ikkrukk first appeared in Poe Dameron 30, a comic written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Angel Unzueta,[1] and published on August 15, 2018.[6]


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