"I wouldn't mind a drink. And I hear Ikkrukk makes a great ale."
―Temmin Wexley — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Ikkrukk ale was a type of ale that was made on the Mid Rim planet Ikkrukk by its Ikkrukkian citizens, distinguished by its dark and bitter brew. Following Black Squadron's victory in the Battle of Grail City on Ikkrukk around 34 ABY, Prime Minister Grist offered the Resistance squadron Ikkrukk ale as part of the victory celebrations that took place in her palace.


Created on the Mid Rim planet Ikkrukk, Ikkrukk ale could be consumed by both humans and the Ikkrukkians who made the ale. The dark, bitter brew could be served in glasses for celebratory toasts. When the human Resistance pilot Poe Dameron drank the ale, he thought the beverage tasted like engine fuel.[1]


"Speaking of which…who wants a drink?"
―Prime Minister Grist offers Black Squadron a celebratory drink of Ikkrukk ale[2]

Following the victory of the Resistance's Black Squadron over First Order forces during the Battle of Grail City[1] around 34 ABY,[3] the Ikkrukkian Prime Minister Grist offered the Resistance heroes a celebratory toast of Ikkrukk ale, which was served in her palace at Grail City on Ikkrukk. When Black Squadron member Suralinda Javos asked one of her colleagues, Temmin Wexley, if he would like to join the others for the drink, Wexley accepted her offer and stated that he had heard that Ikkrukk produced an excellent ale.[1]

While at the palace's party, fellow Black Squadron member Poe Dameron begrudgingly nursed his glass of Ikkrukk ale for an hour. He forced himself to swallow a sip, forming the opinion that the beverage tasted like fuel. After Dameron moved between the party guests back toward Grist, the Prime Minister asked him if he was enjoying the event, noticing that the pilot's drink remained mostly untouched. Dameron, who was silent, then decided to give up on drinking the ale, handing his glass over to one of the party's servers before beginning to discuss Grist's aid to the Resistance.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ikkrukk ale was first mentioned, albeit indirectly, in the thirty-first issue of the comic-book series Star Wars: Poe Dameron, written by Charles Soule and published by Marvel Comics[2] on September 26, 2018.[4] The ale made its first appearance and was identified by name in Resistance Reborn, a 2019 novel written by Rebecca Roanhorse.[1]


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