This article is about the red dwarf star. You may be looking for Tnani Ikon, Jedi Knight.

Ikon was a red dwarf star[3] in the Ikon system of the Majoor sector,[1] located within the Trailing Sectors portion[2] of the Expansion Region.[1] It was orbited by an asteroid belt, where Rebel Alliance sympathizers[4] had gained a foothold under the nose of the Galactic Empire in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Ikon appeared in the first issue of the Star Wars: River of Chaos comic-book series, which was written by Louise Simonson and illustrated by June Brigman.[3] Issue 1 was published by Dark Horse Comics on June 6, 1995.[5]

The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Ikon system, and therefore the star Ikon, in grid square N-15.[6]


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