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The ikopi was a fleet-footed ungulate with telescopic legs for fast locomotion. They lived in the plains and swamps of Naboo and its moon Rori and they traveled in herds.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Ikopi adult female and her two-month-old calf.

Ikopis had short necks, for defensive purposes. They compensated for that with a long, tube-like tongue, roughly two to three times longer than their head, to reach and grasp food far above their reach. The tongue was hollow, which allowed them to suck up water below their knees, as well as to drink nectar, like a straw. When not being used, the ikopi's tongue would coil up inside the animal's cheek sack.

A tallish mammal with long, telescopic legs for fast locomotion, the ikopi was less a swimmer than a runner and swift forder of swamps. It was most commonly seen in herds prancing across the wetlands.

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