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Iktotch was the homeworld of the Iktotchi. It was the third moon of Iktotchon.


The satellite of the gas giant Iktotchon, Iktotch was the rocky moon upon which the hardy Iktotchi species evolved and developed a rugged society. The moon itself was considered inhospitable by galactic standards, due to the strong sand-and-gravel windstorms that buffeted the barren landscape. The Iktotchi developed a heightened Force-sensitivity to survive on the moon, with innate precognitive skills that allowed them to predict a storm's approach and avoid the damaging winds.[3]


Developing a civilized culture early in galactic history with the assistance of the Kwa, the Iktotchi established cities across Iktotchi that straddled the jagged peaks of their world. Part of the Kwa holdings, the Iktotchi society was based around the species' innate ability to sense the Force and predict the effects of the fierce storms that affected the moon. Circa 35,000 BBY, a Tho Yor visited the moon and a group of Iktotchi boarded the pyramid ship. Transferring the Iktotchi and many other passengers on the Deep Core planet of Tython, these Iktotchi went on to form the Je'daii Order, the precursor of the galaxy-spanning Jedi Order.[5]

Life continued on Iktotch long after the Kwa stopped visiting and the Tho Yor departure became a distant memory. Despite the high winds of the moon, the Iktotchi developed airships before they developed marine vehicles or wheeled or treaded ground vehicles. Predicting the rise of the Galactic Republic, ancient Iktotchi carved the crest of the Republic into a mountainside where they predicted scouts would land. Arriving on the planet to an expectant crowd circa 3,500 BBY, the Republic scouts were extremely surprised to see that these beings had already prepared for their arrival and set up public events several weeks prior.[4][3] Alerted to the discovery of Iktotch by the Republic, the Jedi Order, which already had dealt with the species on Tython, took an interest in the moon's people, establishing a Jedi Temple as one of the first offworld establishments on the world.[4] The Jedi began inducting powerful Iktotchi into the Order and conducting studies on the world. Some Jedi and scholars speculated that the moon itself was a massive vergence in the Force, though admitted that the phenomenon rarely encompassed an entire moon. The Jedi also found it peculiar that the farther from Iktotch an Iktotchi traveled, the weaker their connection to the Force grew.[3]

While the Iktotchi throughout the galaxy began to return to Iktotch in the years preceding the Clone Wars due to their precognitive skills, most failed to predict the fall of the Republic and the Jedi Order due to the dark side veil of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious.[3] In 22 BBY, during the war, Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin thwarted a Confederate invasion of the planet.[6]

Beginning to construct orbital colonies during the war to accommodate the influx of immigrant Iktotchi returning to their ancestral homeworld, the moon saw only darkness in the future.[4] When the Galactic Empire came to power, the Emperor immediately ordered that the moon be blockaded by the Imperial Navy to prevent the Iktotchi from threatening the stability of the Empire. Visitors to the system required permits, and additional waivers to land on the moon. While the Iktotchi were prohibited from leaving the moon, many Iktotchi offworld returned home to avoid the civil war which they predicted would affect other occupied worlds more directly then their isolated moon. Because no Imperial Governor was installed, the citizens of Iktotch were free to live as they wished, but were also forced to go without galactic support should they suffer any planetary crises. Pilots and smugglers frequently broke the blockade to smuggle in items not permitted through official channels, as wells as black market material. Others sought out the Rebel Alliance to help promote the forthcoming change in power.[3]

When the New Republic formed in the wake of the collapse of the Empire, the Iktotchi were among its founders, and a vocal force for peace. Despite their precognitive skills, the Iktotchi were caught offguard when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, as they were disconnected from the Force.[4]

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The New Essential Guide to Alien Species incorrectly states the Iktotchi are from Iktotchon, which is a gas giant in the Iktotchi system.

The Essential Atlas shows in the Galactic Explorations map that Iktotchi was discovered sometime between 20,000 BBY to 15,000 BBY, however whether this is the planet or just the system has yet to be stated. In an email, Jason Fry stated that it's possible the Iktotchi and their system were most likely known much earlier than the date which is stated in The New Essential Guide to Alien Species.[7] An Iktotchi is seen in Knights of the Old Republic 45: Destroyer, Part 1 set in 3963 BBY.



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