Ilay was a clan leader of the Airam. Unlike most of her rival clan leaders, Ilay believed being affiliated with the Rebellion was a serious mistake, and negotiated a peace settlement with the Galactic Empire instead.

She eventually met with Admiral Senn's forces in her CR90 corvette Magua in the Aiquin 4 system despite being pursued by rival Airam forces (which were driven off by Imperial forces). Admiral Senn promised her that she would be governor of the entire Airam sector, should the Rebels be driven out and the sector come under Imperial rule. In return she leaked information to the Empire about a planned exchange of rebel weapons for Airam bacta near Elbra. This subsequently led to the capture of the rebel Medium Transport Hoopaju (carrying weapons) and the Airam Modular conveyor Pobel by forces from ISD Rage while the escorting Airam Muurian transport Lod was destroyed. She also revealed the location of an upcoming Rebel/Airam resupply operation in the Kuras Drift and even went so far to send her own forces to assist the Empire in an (albeit unsuccessful) strike mission against that resupply operation.

After the battle in the Kuras Drift, Ilay came for another meeting to keep her settlement with the Empire. This time she traveled to Aiquin 4 aboard the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Kala'din. The Rebels had learned of this meeting, however, and managed to kidnap her in a surprise attack. Through interrogation it was then revealed that she had sold conscripts and warheads to the Empire. The Rebels stopped the attempt to resupply the Imperials. The Airam conscripts later confirmed that they were to undergo basic flight training aboard the Star Dreadnaught and then sent on suicide missions against the Alliance forces in the sector. The large supply of warheads provided by Ilay would have proven lethal to the Rebels in such missions.

It is unknown what happened to her after the Battle of Nocto that concluded the Imperial campaign against the rebels and their Airam allies soon afterward.


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