"The children of management are soft."
Soontir Fel[src]

Ilir Post was the son of the director of the Allied Grain and Roughage on Corellia.



Ilir Post is killed by Todr Fel.

In 11 BBY, Post tried to rape Pamr, but was prevented from doing so by Soontir Fel. As a result, Post's father arranged for Fel to be sent to the Academy of Carida, to prevent him from testifying at Ilir's Corsec trial. This left Ilir with a hatred for Fel, however, Post later did time on Kessel.

In 4.5 ABY, he took Fyric Fel hostage, as an attempt to find the location of Wynssa Starflare. He was operating in league with a ranking Imperial, possibly Ysanne Isard.

The plan was prevented by Corran Horn and Iella Wessiri with the help of members of Rogue Squadron. He was killed when Fyric's father, Todr, shot him in the head.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Imperial character may be related to the Jedi Master Avan Post.



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