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Ilum was an Iron Knight who served the Jedi of the Old Republic and, after the Great Jedi Purge, joined the New Jedi Order.


A female Shard from Orax, Ilum and her 12 children dwelt in the bodies of Juggernaut war droids, FLTCH-series battle droids, and Uulshos justice droids. They were trained in the ways of the Jedi on Dweem by Jedi Master Aqinos, without the approval of the Jedi Council, beginning in 60 BBY. Nonetheless, under the name "the Iron Knights," they fought valiantly in the Arkanian Revolution alongside Mace Windu in 50 BBY. Afterwards, they were excommunicated from the Jedi Order by the Jedi Council but made High Marshals by the Supreme Chancellor. Ilum and most of the Iron Knights retreated to Dweem with Aqinos; she remained in hiding on Dweem.

Callista Ming provided Luke Skywalker with clues as to the location of the hiding Iron Knights. Around 13 ABY, a group of Jedi students found them on Dweem, and they joined the New Jedi Order. They defeated the Red Knights of Life on Osarian and Uffel and saved Kligson's Moon from the Yuuzhan Vong. They fought in defense of Hosk Station, during which one of Ilum's children, Luxum, fell to the dark side of the Force and led a group of assassin droids against the Yuuzhan Vong.


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