"I see three flaws, Major. You've split your forces. You're vulnerable in the air. And you take our enemy for idiots. You think that Jedi isn't expecting this?"
―Grand Moff Regus scolds one of his officers during the battle for Ilum — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Ilyan Regus was a Human male Grand Moff of the reconstituted Sith Empire and head of Operation Dark Ice, a plan to use the Adegan crystals of Ilum to develop stealth technology for the Empire. However, Jedi Master Jaric Kaedan stood in the way, bringing in Duros shock troopers to harass Imperial operations. Though Kaedan was killed, he had tasked Kaleesh mercenaries to guard the Empire's only crystal mine. Regus desired to have the Kaleesh army destroyed, but Darth Malgus reminded that the "victory" on Corellia cost nearly a tenth of Imperial forces and that it'd be a waste of resources, and suggested challenging the Kaleesh leader to win their loyalty, an idea that Regus was firmly opposed to.[2]

Though the crystals were secured, the fleet needed to land safely and Republic anti-air guns were preventing that. Though the guns were destroyed and Admiral Shai defeated, Malgus chose to betray the Empire to create his own. Regus convened an emergency war council to discuss what to do about Malgus.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Grand Moff Regus was voiced in the MMO videogame Star Wars: The Old Republic by legendary actor Julian Sands.[2]


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