Image Attack was a feature of, showcasing 294 "behind the scenes" images from Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. It was updated with a new image almost daily, from June 12, 2002 to December 23, 2003. It was perhaps most significant for revealing the names of obscure characters from the film.

List of imagesEdit

Date Name Link Description
December 23, 2003 The Last Attack [1] Twin-pistol Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) guns down his foe while shooting the Kamino landing platform fight scene.
December 18, 2003 Mourning Larses [2]Beru Whitesun (Bonnie Maree Piesse) and Owen Lars (Joel Edgerton) are quiet at Shmi's funeral.
December 16, 2003 Kenobi's Clue [3]Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) holds a vital clue in a mystery that would unravel the Republic.
December 11, 2003 Never to Return [4]The tragic events on Tatooine serve to keep Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) from ever returning to this planet.
December 9, 2003 Between Duty and Love [5]Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) struggles to remain the realist when confronted by Anakin's unabashed outpouring of his forbidden feelings.
December 4, 2003 Pilot Jango Fett [6]Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) deftly guides the Slave I through a tumbling storm of asteroids.
December 2, 2003 Forceful Advisors[7]Stass Allie (Lily Nyamwasa) and Plo Koon (Matt Sloan) advise the highest levels of the Republic government, assisting Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in the management of the Separatist Crisis.
November 25, 2003 Women and Children First[8]A Tusken Raider female and child flee for their lives when their nomadic village receives an unexepected visitor.
November 20, 2003 My Dinner with Ani[9]Hayden Christensen as Anakin awaits the shooting of the dinner scene at Padmé's lake retreat.
November 18, 2003 State of the Art[10]A gleaming modern blaster rifle, one of many crafted as a background prop in Episode II.
November 13, 2003 The Senator from Naboo[11]Having not seen him for a decade, the young Senator Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) is surprised at what she finds in Anakin Skywalker.
November 11, 2003 Cian Shee[12]Seen lurking in the shadows of the Outlander Club is Cian Shee, though what she was up to, no one can say.
November 6, 2003 Jedi Business[13]Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) searches for trouble in the Outlander Club. In the background are several unsavory aliens, including Nic Whoma, a Gran gambler and Ror Ithh, a hammerheaded carouser.
November 4, 2003 Meditating Anakin[14]Opening himself up the Force, Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) is keenly aware of his surroundings in this sequence cut from the final release of Episode II.
October 30, 2003 Jumping Jedi![15]A Jedi extra soars through the air in reaction to unseen enemies.
October 28, 2003 D.o.P.[16]Director of Photography David Tattersall gathers light information on the set of Jango Fett's apartment. With him are Assistant Director James McTeigue, Key Gaffer Eddie Knight and Best Boy Moses Fotofili.
October 21, 2003 Climbing the Pillar[17]Natalie Portman, as Padmé, works her way up the execution arena pillar in her escape from a ravenous nexu.
October 14, 2003 Artoo Chaperone[18]The always helpful R2-D2 watches over Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) in the hold of a Coruscant starfreighter.
October 7, 2003 Smile, You're On HD Camera[19]A pair of 24-p Sony HD cameras gather the digital imagery of Episode II.
October 2, 2003 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight[20]Ten years after the death of his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) has become a great Jedi Knight, as Qui-Gon Jinn has foreseen. One of his greatest challenges comes not from an outside threat, though, but in training a headstrong apprentice.
September 30, 2003 Ready for Action[21]Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor shoot the final moments of the arena battle.
September 25, 2003 Coco Town Streets[22]The streets of CoCo Town, the district where Dex's Diner is located, were shot as miniatures in natural outdoor lighting.
September 23, 2003 Jedi Advisors[23]Luminara Unduli (Mary Oyaya) and Kit Fisto (Zachariah Jensen) serve as Jedi advisors to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.
September 18, 2003 Dismissing Jar Jar[24]Natalie Portman (Padmé Amidala) and Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) perform a scene in the Coruscant apartment set.
September 16, 2003 Geonosian Spire[25]The immense miniature of the Geonosian spire, photographed in an outside lot at Industrial Light & Magic.
September 11, 2003 Disarmed[26]Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) drags a "wounded" Leeanna Walsman (Zam Wesell) from the Outlander Club. Note that the prop lightsaber Kenobi's carrying in this particular take has an extended blade for stuntwork.
September 9, 2003 Dug Model[27]An orthographic render of Rednax, a Dug known to frequent Dex's Diner.
September 4, 2003 Familiar Farm Gear[28]These fusion generator supply tanks are built to last; they'll again be seen outside the Lars homestead during Luke Skywalker's days.
September 2, 2003 The New Queen[29]The ruling structure of Naboo has changed faces in the decade since its blockade; Queen Jamillia (Ayesha Dharker) is now the royal leader.
August 28, 2003 Force Push[30]This Jedi extra feels the Force flow through her as she pushes against unseen opponents.
August 26, 2003 Tumbling Jango[31]In his scuffle with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett is caught offguard.
August 19, 2003 Mournful Morning[32]This stark silhouette of Padmé Amidala sets the tone for shooting a somber scene: the explosion on the Naboo delegation landing platform.
August 14, 2003 On The Run[33]Zam Wesell (Leeanna Walsman) is just a blur as she ducks into the Outlander Club.
August 12, 2003 Wedging It Out[34]A crew member sits in a partially completed Jedi starfighter, chatting to Supervising Art Director Peter Russell.
August 7, 2003 Masterful Escape[35]Silas Carson (Ki-Adi-Mundi) and Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) enact the dramatic escape from the Geonosian arena.
August 5, 2003 Heads Are Gonna Roll[36]These Tusken Raiders picked the wrong mother to kidnap.
July 31, 2003 Control Yoke[37]A close-up view of the controls of the Naboo yacht.
July 29, 2003 Outside the Outlander[38]Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) emerges from the shadows of the Outlander into the shadows of the night.
July 24, 2003 Seat of Power[39]Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) has very particular tastes when it comes to furnishings.
July 22, 2003 Sitting Pretty[40]Natalie Portman (Padmé Amidala) sits aboard the Naboo starship set, awaiting to shoot a scene wherein she and Anakin receive important holographic information.
July 17, 2003 Path Not Taken[41]Ed Natividad's storyboard illustration for a scene cut from the film; Obi-Wan Kenobi follows a treacherous path along a Geonosian spire.
July 15, 2003 Tarnab Extra[42]Onyeth Canavar, a Tarnab seen roaming the alleys of Coruscant.
July 11, 2003 A Fallen Knight[43]Crippled by lightsaber wounds, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) collapses to the floor.
July 10, 2003 Beneath the Hood[44]Mary Oyaya lowers her Jedi Master's hood while waiting for her next scene as Luminara Unduli.
July 8, 2003 Bedside Bodyguard[45]At the first sign of danger, the ever-loyal Dormé (Rose Byrne) rushes to Padmé's side (Natalie Portman).
July 3, 2003 Evil Rendezvous[46]Christopher Lee (Darth Tyranus) and the actor who plays Darth Sidious film the meeting of the Dark Lords at the end of Episode II.
July 2, 2003 One Last Look[47]As Dooku escapes Geonosis, he takes one last look at his malevolent handiwork.
July 1, 2003 Escape from the Cauldron[48]Having survived a harrowing cauldron ride through the Geonosian droid factory, Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) steels herself for the next unexpected danger.
June 30, 2003 Walker Model[49]This detailed practical AT-TE model was the basis of its digital incarnation used in the Clone Wars sequences.
June 27, 2003 Loss of a Padawan[50]Agen Kolar (Tux) watches sadly as his young Padawan, Tan Yuster, dies during the Geonosian arena battle.
June 26, 2003 Conman at Work[51]Aside from his role as C-3PO, Anthony Daniels also plays Lt. Dannl Faytonni, a conman seen in the Outlander Club. In between takes, he talks with the extra playing the Twi'lek Ayy Vida.
June 25, 2003 Shadowy Brothers[52]A pair of Nikto refugees lurk in the shadows of the Coruscant freighter.
June 24, 2003 Arena Casualties[53]The sandy floor of the Geonosian execution arena is littered with dead Jedi.
June 23, 2003 Weapon of a Jedi Knight[54]After losing his lightsaber in a battle with Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi crafted a duplicate weapon, which he almost loses here in a battle with Jango Fett.
June 20, 2003 Pillar Padmé[55]Natalie Portman has a lofty vantage point over the minimal Geonosian arena set.
June 19, 2003 Holier Than Thou[56]The Naboo holyman that secretly marries Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala.
June 18, 2003 A Wounded Knight[57]Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor), crippled by his wounds, lays at Anakin Skywalker's feet.
June 17, 2003 Jedi Office Space[58]A concept maquette to help establish the environment of Mace Windu's office. Tiny cut-outs of Mace, Yoda and Obi-Wan help establish the scale of the set.
June 13, 2003 Faithful Servant[59]Rose Byrne plays Dormé, Senator Padmé Amidala's faithful handmaiden.
June 12, 2003 Piece of Cake[60]No one knows just how old the pastries at Dex's Diner are.
June 11, 2003 Hardcell-Class[61]ILM's digital model of a Hardcell-class Techno Union starship. According to the effects data, this vessel is 640 feet tall.
June 6, 2003 Travel as Refugees[62]A pair of refugees, a human and a Quarren, contemplate their uncertain future aboard the Jendirian Valley, the AA-9 freighter traveling from Coruscant to Naboo.
June 2, 2003 Preparing Padmé[63]Make-up Supervisor Lesley Vanderwalt prepares Natalie Portman for the Naboo retreat dinner scene.
May 30, 2003 Ready for Arena Action[64]Mary Oyaya (Luminara Unduli) strikes a combat pose during the filming of the Geonosian arena scene.
May 29, 2003 Intrigued Extras[65]The blue-lipped Hayde Gofai can't help but notice the striking young Padawan surveying the Outlander crowd.
May 28, 2003 Jedi Advisors[66]Jedi Masters Plo Koon (Matt Sloan) and Stass Allie (Lily Nyamwasa) serve as close advisors to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.
May 27, 2003 Electrum Lightsaber[67]Mace Windu's Lightsaber uses unique crystals to refine the energy into a purple blade, and is coated with a distinctive electrum shell.
May 23, 2003 Mirialan Master and Padawan[68]Mirialan Jedi warriors Luminara Unduli (Mary Oyaya) and her apprentice Barriss Offee (Nalini Krishan)
May 22, 2003 Receding Platform[69]The narrow precipice upon which stand Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) and Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) begins to retract.
May 21, 2003 Peculiar Dream[70]R2-D2 watches as C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) awakens after his head-swapping ordeal.
May 20, 2003 Indoor Downpour[71]The Tipoca City landing platform set is doused with over four swimming pools' worth of water.
May 19, 2003 Duel in the Dark[72]In the darkness of Dooku's secret hangar, a determined Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) is lit by the eerie glow of his lightsaber.
May 16, 2003 Costume P-7[73]Designed by Iain McCaig and George Lucas, Padmé's Padawan-frustrating dress was numbered P-7 by the costume department.
May 15, 2003 Arena Scramble[74]Narrowly surviving being trampled by a reek, Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) scrambles to his feet. This image first appeared as part of the "Choices" video presentation on
May 14, 2003 Jedi Spy[75]Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) uses compact electrobinoculars to observe Separatist activity on Geonosis.
May 13, 2003 Tundra's Support[76]Senator Tundra Dowmeia of Mon Calamari pledges his support for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.
May 12, 2003 Flirting in the Shadows[77]Socialite Sel Maa/LegendsSel Maa flirts with the scruffy Daro Willits in a private alcove of the Outlander Club.
May 9, 2003 Watchful Assassin[78]Zam Wesell (Leeanna Walsman) peers through retractable electrobinoculars to spy her returning assassin droid.
May 8, 2003 Like Father, Like Son[79]Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) and his genetically identical son Boba (Daniel Logan) watch the execution arena proceedings with keen interest.
May 7, 2003 Talking Blue[80]Senator Orn Free Taa (Matthew Rowan) confers with his similarly tinted aide, Pampy.
May 6, 2003 Closed For Renovations[81]The Outlander Club's bar stands empty as it undergoes set-dressing. The colorful tubing at the central dispenser has yet to be applied.
May 5, 2003 Preparing for Departure[82]Loyal handmaiden Dormé (Rose Byrne) prepares Senator Amidala's wardrobe for an extended absence. The tape markers on the floor assist in blocking the scene.
May 2, 2003 Chit-Chat with the Chancellor[83]Silas Carson (Ki-Adi-Mundi) and Ian McDiarmid (Supreme Chancellor Palpatine) chat between takes.
May 1, 2003 Oakie Dokes the Swokes Swokes[84]Nightclub patron Oakie Dokes the Swokes Swokes is beautiful in her own special way.
April 30, 2003 She Did Her Duty[85]Cordé (Veronica Segura) whispers her dying words to Senator Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) after an assassin's strike.
April 29, 2003 Building the Sailer[86]Production Designer Gavin Bocquet's construction crews build the immense interstellar solar sail craft used by Count Dooku.
April 28, 2003 Urban Astromech[87]A lone R5 unit wanders the litter-strewn alleys of Coruscant.
April 25, 2003 On Top Of Things[88]Natalie Portman looks down from her lofty perch, as a ravenous nexu has treed Padmé Amidala.
April 24, 2003 For a Drink[89]Behind Kalyn Farnmir, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) downs a lovely beverage at the Outlander Club.
April 23, 2003 Arch-Villain[90]The imposing form of Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) fills a Geonosian archway.
April 22, 2003 Employees Must Wash Manipulators[91]A profile view of COO-2180, the computer-generated cooking droid found aboard the Naboo-bound starfreighter. The droid was originally designed to appear in Dex's Diner.
April 21, 2003 Moore Makeup[92]Sandi Finlay disappears under layers of ghostly makeup as Sly Moore, Palpatine's aide.
April 18, 2003 Catch Me If You Can[93]Using the Force, Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) calls his lightsaber back to him.
April 17, 2003 Platform Aftermath[94]Zam Wesell's sabotage proves deadly; bodies litter the Naboo Senatorial landing platform.
April 16, 2003 Clone Controls[95]Control panels built for the Kaminoan cloning facility environment.
April 14, 2003 Dooku's Escape[96]The computer-generated model of Count Dooku's speeder bike. The vehicle has a top speed of 634 kilometers per hour.
April 11, 2003 Interstellar Transient[97]An odd-looking freighter passenger from the vessel that takes Anakin and Padmé to Naboo.
April 10, 2003 Digital Headgear[98]The computer-generated helmet and chestpiece of a clone trooper pilot.
April 9, 2003 Evil to the Core[99]The miniature of a Trade Federation Battleship's core section.
April 8, 2003 The Inner Dome[100]Mark Buck, ILM modelmaker, photographs the inner dome wall of Tipoca City's cloning facilities.
April 7, 2003 Clone Batch Patch[101]This Kaminoan patch bears the logo of the secret Republic clone army project.
April 4, 2003 Senator's Ward[102]Captain Typho (Jay Laga'aia) continues his uncle Panaka's tradition of protecting Padmé Amidala.
April 3, 2003 Rough and Tumble Lot[103]The uncertain times in the galaxy has increased the number of refugees aboard tramp freighters, including this odd collection of transients.
April 2, 2003 Piece of the Skyline[104]A background tower design used several times to fill out Coruscant's skyline. It can be seen outside the Outlander Club and Dex's Diner.
April 1, 2003 Tool of the Blood Trade[105]ASN-121, Zam Wesell's assassin droid, was realized as a full sized prop (seen here) and as a computer-generated creation. The green support pole would be removed by ILM.
March 31, 2003 Rocket Pack[106]The Rocket pack that fails Jango Fett during the Geonosis arena battle. It differs from the one worn on Kamino.
March 28, 2003 Cerulean Aide[107]Pampy, one of Senator Orn Free Taa's eye-catching aides.
March 27, 2003 A Look at Dex[108]The painted concept maquette of Dexter Jettster. This bust was used on set as lighting reference and to help the actors envision the portly cook's visage.
March 26, 2003 Bug Art[109]Doug Chiang's concept sketch of the creepy roga, a creature native to the hard rocks of Geonosis.
March 25, 2003 Tribute to a Master[110]Yoda the Jedi Master is immortalized in this bronzium bust, found in the Jedi Archives.
March 24, 2003 Female Raider[111]The females of this ill-fated Tusken Raider tribe wear masks made of metal taken from slain captives
March 21, 2003 Just a Simple Man[112]Temuera Morrison plays a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.
March 20, 2003 Tentacle Tresses[113]A look at the bundle of tentacle tresses on Kit Fisto, a Nautolan Jedi Master.
March 19, 2003 Platform Maquette[114]A concept miniature envisioning the Tipoca City landing platform used by Jango Fett's Slave I.
March 18, 2003 Finish Her[115]An artist in the Creature Effects Department adds some details to Shaak Ti's horns, or "montrals."
March 17, 2003 Behind the Bar[116]Meant to resemble a pipe organ, the transparent tubing behind the bar of the Outlander Club is a source of a galaxy's worth of potent potables.
March 14, 2003 Unseen Padmé[117]Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll gathers data from a shoot that would eventually be discarded from the film; here, Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) explores the inner recesses of a Geonosian spire.
March 13, 2003 Mandalorian Gauntlet[118]Jango Fett's Mandalorian Armor is equipped with all manner of hidden tools and weapons.
March 12, 2003 Fast Angles[119]Ed Natividad's concept art for a triangular Coruscant airpeeder. Many of the designs of Episode II appear closer to the angular concepts of the original trilogy.
March 11, 2003 Meeting Jar Jar[120]Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) wore his Jar Jar robes on set. The eyes on his headpiece provided a proper eyeline for actors Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker).
March 10, 2003 Tipoca City Tour Guide[121]Digital Matchmove Artist Marla Selhorn takes accurate measurements of the Tipoca City perimeter corridor miniature set to properly align the visual effects work to be added.
March 7, 2003 Spires[122]LM Modelmaker Peggy Hraster works on the Geonosian execution arena perimeter towers.
March 6, 2003 Lone Cloner[123]A computer-generated background Kaminoan model; ILM data indicates that this is Kaminoan "B", and that this character stands 7 feet tall.
March 5, 2003 A Dune Sea[124]The ILM miniature stage set crew that worked on the Geonosian dunes: from left to right, Modelmaker Mike Lynch, Director of Photography Pat Sweeney, Stage Crewmen Mike Olague, Mike Bienstock, Sprague Anderson, Tom Cloutier and Modelmaker Tory Belleci.
March 4, 2003 Massiff Maquette[125]You can almost hear the snarls coming from this concept sculpture of toothy massiff, sculpted by Robert Barnes.
March 3, 2003 Shut Me Down[126]Anthony Daniels again dons the Threepio costume to wander through what will eventually be the Geonosian droid factory.
February 28, 2003 Panicky Potentates[127]Nute Gunray (Silas Carson) and Lott Dod (Alan Ruscoe) quiver at the action that will eventually surround them.
February 27, 2003 Kaminoan Office Space[128]Pat Sweeney, Effects Director of Photography supervises the shooting of the miniature Kamino Prime Minister's office set.
February 26, 2003 Cover Me[129]A look at the coverings that help complete C-3PO.
February 25, 2003 Return of the Treadwell[130]After a dry spell of over two decades, the Lars treadwell droid finally returns to the big screen.
February 24, 2003 Beru[131]Beru Whitesun (Bonnie Maree Piesse) stands alone at the Lars homestead.
February 21, 2003 Factory Exit[132]The miniature of the Geonosian droid factory entryway.
February 20, 2003 Delta-7 Dashboard[133]The data displays of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi starfighter.
February 18, 2003 Everywhere There's Signs[134]A detail view of space age signage found in the lower depths of Coruscant's entertainment district.
February 14, 2003 Dangling Kenobi[135]Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) dangles from his bonds in the Geonosian arena.
February 13, 2003 Energetic Extra[136]A lightsaber-wielding Jedi extra dispatches an unseen foe while shooting the arena battle.
February 12, 2003 In Between Chases[137]Taking a break from an exhausting foot race, Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) and Leeanna Walsman (Zam Wesell) await their next turn in front of the cameras.
February 11, 2003 Coruscant Singles Scene[138]A pair of Coruscant socialites get to know each other at the Outlander Club.
February 10, 2003 Making up Mace[139]A Jedi is always prepared for battle, and close-ups. Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) undergoes makeup with the help of makeup artist, Lynn Wheeler.
February 7, 2003 Heavy Hitter[140]The computer-generated model of the Republic's big gun: a SPHA-T walker.
February 6, 2003 Outside Looking In[141]Looking into the Jango's Apartment set at Fox Studios Australia.
February 5, 2003 Mmmm... Donuts[142]Doug Chiang's unused concept art for a whimsical "donut droid," designed for Dex's Diner scene.
February 4, 2003 Twin Pods[143]This computer-generated twin-pod airspeeder appeared several times with varying paint jobs during the Coruscant chase sequence.
February 3, 2003 Analyze This[144]The puppet incarnation of the SP-4 analysis droid. In the finished film, it would be a computer-generated character.
January 31, 2003 'Splosions![145]Jedi extras are thrown everywhere while shooting this explosive development of the arena battle.
January 30, 2003 Cutting In[146]Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) holds an unlit lightsaber prop while practical pyro effects simulate cutting into a Tusken camp.
January 29, 2003 The Art of Fashion[147]Concept artist Dermot Power sketched this wardrobe study for a Coruscant nightclub extra.
January 28, 2003 Skirting Danger[148]A detail view of Zam Wesell's costume; according to lore, the garment is made of blast-energy dampening material.
January 27, 2003 Master and Apprentice[149]A weary Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) smiles knowingly at his apprentice's boldness.
January 24, 2003 Don't Cross the Count[150]Christopher Lee makes it clear that none shall get past Count Dooku.
January 23, 2003 Colorful Assistants[151]The extras that play Orn Free Taa's aides -- Supi (the green one) and Pampy (the blue one) -- wear mits to keep from spreading their makeup around.
January 22, 2003 Artful Arena[152]The immense scale of the Geonosian execution arena is captured in shadow and light in this concept sketch by Ed Natividad.
January 21, 2003 Mesa Back![153]On the first day of shooting, Ahmed Best donned his new Jar Jar Binks robes to play the Gungan's return as a Galactic Senate representative.
January 20, 2003 Dinner Conversation[154]Natalie Portman (Padmé Amidala) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) film the dinner scene on the Naboo lake retreat set.
January 17, 2003 Creepy Crawly[155]A concept sculpture of a roga, a creature native to Geonosis. Cut early from the film was a scene in which R4-P17 was overtaken by a roga infestation.
January 16, 2003 Bail on Break[156]Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa) takes a break between takes in the Chancellor's office set.
January 15, 2003 Familiar Kitchen[157]Reconstructed as it was 25 years earlier, the Lars kitchen set, at the time of Episode II.
January 14, 2003 Republic Air Support[158]The Republic attack gunships soar in to save the day in this concept sketch by Concept Design Supervisor Doug Chiang.
January 13, 2003 Against the Jedi Dress Code[159]If Jedi had civilian garb, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) might look something like this.
January 10, 2003 Boba Alone[160]The newly orphaned Boba Fett (Daniel Logan) seems even more alone in the sparse Geonosian arena set, devoid of digital embellishments.
January 9, 2003 Speedy Concept[161]Ed Natividad drew this concept for a high-flying speeder designed for the Coruscant chase.
January 8, 2003 Padmé Page-Turner[162]Natalie Portman brushes up on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Galactic Senators between takes in the Coruscant Apartment set
January 7, 2003 Ki-Adi-Munchies[163]For the Jedi it is time to eat as well; Silas Carson (Ki-Adi-Mundi) does lunch.
January 6, 2003 Spar Wars[164]Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Nick Gillard (Stunt Coordinator) undergo a lightsaber practice drill.
January 3, 2003 Caught Blue-Handed[165]Leeanna Walsman (Zam Wesell) wears a blue glove to facilitate ILM's painless removal of her arm.
January 2, 2003 Bluescreen Bibble[166]Oliver Ford Davies (Sio Bibble) was unavailable for the location shoot at Caserta, Italy, so his performance was later shot against bluescreen and composited into the finished film.
December 19, 2002 Jedi Parking Only[167]The full-size Jedi starfighter is wheeled between sets at Fox Studios Australia.
December 18, 2002 A Boy's Toy[168]What kind of toys did Boba Fett play with as a child? A toy speeder prop found in the Fetts' Kamino apartment.
December 17, 2002 Middle Earth Visitor[169]Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson visits the Episode II set during production, and confers with ILM Animation Director Rob Coleman.
December 16, 2002 Cosmopolitan Art[170]Marc Gabbana's concept illustrations of Coruscant's underbelly; several elements of these sketches found their way into early Episode II website designs in 2000.
December 13, 2002 Alliance Leadership[171]The leaders of the treacherous Corporate Alliance, Magistrate Passel Argente (Stephen Boyle) and his aide Denaria Kee (John McEvoy).
December 12, 2002 Keeper of the Purple Light[172]A self-described Star Wars fan since the days of the original trilogy, Samuel L. Jackson feels right at home playing Jedi Master Mace Windu.
December 11, 2002 Arrival on Naboo[173]In this original plate photography cut from the finished film, refugees file out of a starfreighter into the Theed spaceport under the watchful eye of Naboo security.
December 10, 2002 Political Platform[174]Resurrected from Episode I, this full-size Senate pod is one of the few practical set elements for the Galactic Senate Rotunda environment.
December 9, 2002 Jedi Pablo-Jill[175]The digital model of Jedi Pablo-Jill, seen in the Jedi Temple and during the arena battle. This model does not yet have the clothing simulation applied to generate realistic looking robes, as seen in the finished movie.
December 6, 2002 City-Planet of Industry[176]ILM Modelmaker Nick Blake adds detail to Coruscant's industrial district for a section of the speeder chase
December 5, 2002 Loyal Security[177]The dedicated Captain Typho (Jay Laga'aia) takes aim to protect his ward.
December 4, 2002 Profile of a Nightmare[178]A detail view of the acklay reference maquette. The creature's skin color would be more green in the finished film.
December 3, 2002 End of the Ride[179]This miniature environment of the Geonosian droid foundry is where Padmé's wild cauldron ride comes to an end.
December 2, 2002 Lover's Stroll[180]Natalie Portman (Padmé) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin) on location at the Plaza de España in Seville.
November 27, 2002 Bar Greeblies[181]A close-up look at some of the set dressing of the Outlander Bar.
November 26, 2002 Good Save[182]Whimper Save, another enigmatic background character found in the Outlander Club.
November 25, 2002 Gloomy Miniature[183]Atmospheric haze is pumped into the miniature environment of the Coruscant streets.
November 22, 2002 Cordé Lives[184]Veronica Segura, who plays the ill-fated Cordé, chats with director George Lucas.
November 21, 2002 Tough Customer[185]The armed and armored Kalyn Farnmir, a patron of the Outlander Club.
November 20, 2002 They Might Be Giants[186]ILM Modelmakers Dave Murphy and John Goodson loom over the extremely detailed Mos Espa miniature, shot outside for natural lighting.
November 19, 2002 Story Crafter[187]Episode II co-screenwriter and longtime Lucas-collaborator, Jonathan Hales.
November 18, 2002 VIP Seating[188]ILM Modelmaker Tony Preciado prepares the miniature of the Archduke viewing box, complete with a Dooku stand-in, for digital filming.
November 15, 2002 All Mocked Up[189]Lifesize cut-out mock-ups of a clone trooper, a Kaminoan and a Geonosian help determine shooting and framing scale. These Art Department samples share a room with creature and starship maquettes.
November 14, 2002 Jedi Exercises[190]Hayden Christensen limbers up and undergoes Jedi exercises at Fox Studios Australia.
November 13, 2002 Searching for Anakin[191]Natalie Portman and George Lucas wait for the next candidate during the screen test auditions for Anakin Skywalker.
November 12, 2002 Freshen Your Drink[192]Ganwick Trag, assistant bartender at the Outlander Club.
November 11, 2002 Not Potato[193]One of the model reference asteroids used in building the rings of Geonosis. ILM even went back to the original asteroid models from The Empire Strikes Back for reference.
November 8, 2002 A Dellow Felegate[194]Ahmed Best in full robes as the Gungan politician Jar Jar Binks, filming a scene in the Galactic Senate.
November 7, 2002 Jumping Zam[195]An agile Zam Wesell (Leeanna Walsman) is frozen in mid-air.
November 6, 2002 Head-Games[196]The extra that plays Kell Borean, a nightclub patron, clowns around at one of the gaming tables
November 5, 2002 Wedding Dress[197]Padmé's wedding gown, designated P-20 by the costuming crew. Very few photographs of this gown have been published as it was kept under wraps for most of production
November 4, 2002 Palace Steps[198]Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) and Senator Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) make their way through Theed Palace for an audience with the Queen.
November 1, 2002 Flying Artoo[199]The CG model of a flying Artoo-Detoo, crafted by ILM's Rebel Unit.
October 31, 2002 Two-Gun Jango[200]Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) dispatches Jedi enemies swiftly with his paired Westar-34 blasters.
October 30, 2002 Belly of the Beast[201]One of the last things Jango Fett ever saw.
October 29, 2002 Club Zed[202]Zeynup "Zed" Selcuk, a member of the R2 unit crew, plays an appropriately named nightclub extra, Zey Nep.
October 28, 2002 Back to Back[203]Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) and Ewan McGregror (Obi-Wan Kenobi) protect each others backs against as-yet unseen enemies.
October 25, 2002 Coruscant Glam[204]A trio of nightclub beauties (from left to right: Immi Danoo, Rosha Vess and Nyrat Agira) have their fleeting attentions drawn by a Jedi-sparked commotion.
October 24, 2002 Stand on Guard[205]An example of the intriguing statuary found in Chancellor Palpatine's office.
October 23, 2002 Digital Tailor[206]James Tooley, ILM Technical Animation Supervisor, works out the logistics of Yoda's computer-generated wardrobe.
October 22, 2002 Cliegg On Track[207]A track-mounted Jack Thompson plays the hover-chair-bound Cliegg Lars. ILM would remove both the tracks and his leg in the finished shot.
October 21, 2002 Back by Popular Demand[208]A look at the back of Padmé's P7 outfit, worn at the Naboo lake retreat.
October 18, 2002 Fett Head[209]An intriguing custom kit-bash that predates the final design of the clone trooper, found in the Art Department during pre-production.
October 17, 2002 Recon Flight[210]Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) spots an unusual concentration of Trade Federation starships from his Jedi starfighter -- or at least, he will once ILM is done with this shot.
October 16, 2002 Mighty Bear Clan[211]Plate photography of the children playing the mighty Bear Clan of Jedi younglings.
October 15, 2002 Sword Master[212]Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard stands amid cardboard foes -- droidekas and Geonosians provided for scale -- in the minimal Geonosioan arena set.
October 14, 2002 Ki-Adi-Mundi[213]Silas Carson again dons alien makeup to become Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi.
October 11, 2002 Jedi Escape[214]Saesee Tiin (Jesse Jensen), Shaak Ti (Orli Shoshan) and Roth-Del Masona (Leonard Thomas) make good their escape from the execution arena aboard a Republic gunship.
October 10, 2002 Cool Beru[215]Bonnie Maree Piesse (Beru Whitesun) shades herself from the hot Tunisian sun.
October 9, 2002 Noir Lighting[216]The blinds in Padmé's bedroom cast moody film noir shadows on Director of Photography David Tattersall.
October 8, 2002 Something Familiar About This Place[217]Artoo awaits in the Lars garage, a locale he's destined to visit again.
October 7, 2002 Hello Sailer[218]A concept model of Count Dooku's solar sailer, and surrounding secret landing platform, with character cut-outs to indicate scale.
October 4, 2002 Shaak Attack[219]A crowd of Jedi extras, including Orli Shoshan as Shaak Ti, practice their battle moves.
October 3, 2002 Startling Wakeup Call[220]Padmé is startled awake by Jedi barging in to save her.
October 2, 2002 The Separatist Crew[221]More and more crew members are joining the Separatists -- seen here are the conspirators realized as practical puppets or masks: Toonbuck Toora, Po Nudo and Tikkes, and their support crew.
October 1, 2002 Bounty Hunter Breather[222]Leeanna Walsman (Zam Wesell) removes her hunting head gear between takes
September 30, 2002 Hangar Trails[223]An open-shutter leaves streaking light trails across this picture of Dooku's hangar set.
September 27, 2002 Ready, Aim...[224]A computer-generated clone lieutenant takes aim.
September 26, 2002 Eye-Catching Style[225]Wilst Molan, one of the intriguing women to be found in the Outlander Club.
September 25, 2002 Nute Alone[226]A panicky Nute Gunray (Silas Carson) reacts to the chaos in the Geonosian execution arena.
September 24, 2002 You Are Here[227]Commuters must navigate this transit system map found in a Coruscant speeder bus.
September 23, 2002 Costume P-1[228]A detail view of Padmé's costume P-1, the Senate gown she wears in Palpatine's office.
September 20, 2002 Rumble in the Rain[229]Nash Edgerton (Obi-Wan double) tangles with Scott McLean (Jango double) on the waterlogged Kamino landing platform set.
September 19, 2002 Dooku Details[230]Modelmaker John Searle works on the Count Dooku bust seen in the Jedi Archives.
September 18, 2002 HD Test Spin[231]Prior to principal photography, the Sony 24P HD camera is used to shoot Anakin screen tests at Skywalker Ranch.
September 17, 2002 Scanning Boba[232]Daniel Logan undergoes 3-D laser-scanning by Gentle Giant Studios. The digital information would be used for both postproduction and merchandising purposes.
September 16, 2002 Big Spenders[233]A trio of portly gamblers found in the shadowy background of the Outlander Club.
September 13, 2002 Aggressive Negotiations[234]Natalie Portman (Padmé) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin) film a standoff in the Geonosian arena. The blue construct will be transformed into an overturned prisoner cart by ILM.
September 12, 2002 Sith Lucky Charm[235]ILM Lead Rotoscoper Kate Morris kisses a mini-Maul for luck as she gets to work on some Geonosis background plates.
September 11, 2002 Somber Silhouette[236]One of the most famous horizons for sunsets.
September 10, 2002 Unseen Platform[237]A concept maquette of the Jedi Temple's retractable landing platform, a set cut from the theatrical release of Episode II.
September 9, 2002 Makeup Kit[238]ILM Modelmaker Danny Wagner details a Kit Fisto mask.
September 6, 2002 Blue and Green[239]Amy Allen as the Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura.
September 5, 2002 Accelerated Learning[240]The learning helmet worn by young clones. The coloring indicates that this helmet is for a student from an even-numbered clone batch.
September 4, 2002 Younglings Say the Darndest Things[241]Alex Knoll (J.K. Burtola) and Phoebe Yiamkiati (Mari Amithest) as two very bright Bear Clan members.
September 3, 2002 Screen Testers[242]Producer Rick McCallum, Post Production Supervisor Mike Blanchard and Co-Screenwriter Jonathan Hales watch on during the Anakin Skywalker screen tests.
August 30, 2002 The Shifter Broke[243]A look at some of the tools and machinery found in the Lars garage.
August 29, 2002 Factory Clearance[244]Hayden Christensen (Anakin) ducks non-existent threats while shooting the droid factory scene.
August 28, 2002 In The Garage[245]C-3PO (Anthony Daniels), R2-D2, Padmé (Natalie Portman) and Anakin (Hayden Christensen) hang out in a blue-filled Lars Homestead garage.
August 27, 2002 Just Say No[246]Do you want to buy some death sticks?
August 26, 2002 Royal Advisor[247]Josephine Alessio plays a female advisor to Queen Jamillia, shot on location at Caserta, Italy.
August 23, 2002 Little Library[248]A large-sized miniature representing the interior of the Jedi Archives.
August 22, 2002 Controlled by the Huts[249]ILM Chief Modelmaker Barbara Affonso works on the doomed Tusken encampment.
August 21, 2002 A Comfortable Retreat[250]The romantic interior of the Naboo lake retreat.
August 20, 2002 Temple Backdrop[251]A miniature environment within the Jedi Temple. In the finished film, this scene would be populated by composited Jedi.
August 19, 2002 Mini Mean Streets[252]The miniature backstreet alleys of Coruscant.
August 14, 2002 Lighting a Club[253]A close up look at the lighting fixture set detail of the Outlander Club.
August 13, 2002 Missing Bibble[254]Plate photography of Queen Jamillia (Ayesha Dharker) holding court -- Oliver Ford Davies (Sio Bibble) wasn't available that day, so ILM composited later footage of the actor into the empty chair.
August 12, 2002 Unpainted Menace[255]The unpainted concept model of a super battle droid, built by John Duncan.
August 9, 2002 Jedi Spy[256]Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) spies some strange Separatist activity on a rather barren Geonosian set.
August 8, 2002 Shapeshifter Gear Shift[257]Zam Wesell (Leeanna Walsman) downshifts her high-flying dragster during the Coruscant speeder chase.
August 7, 2002 Miniature Club[258]The Outlander Club in maquette form -- the design and layout of the place was determined through the use of detailed models.
August 6, 2002 Busted[259]Saesee Tiin's bust, as found in the Jedi Archives.
August 5, 2002 Extra Faces[260]A number of extras seen about the streets of Coruscant.
August 2, 2002 Half a Droid[261]This droid has said his last "Roger Roger."
August 1, 2002 Confederacy Conference[262]Conspirators against the Republic gather in Count Dooku's conference chamber.
July 31, 2002 Gruesome Souvenir[263]Jango Fett's helmet litters the dusty floor of the Geonosian execution arena.
July 29, 2002 Freighter Refugees[264]Alien refugees mill about inside the crowded hold of a Coruscant starfreighter.
July 25, 2002 Into the Outlander[265]Where nobody knows your name -- entering the crowded gambling establishment known as the Outlander Club.
July 24, 2002 Anakin Awaits[266]The Chosen One (Hayden Christensen) awaits his next take aboard the Naboo starship set.
July 23, 2002 Y'all Come Back Now[267]The Lars family waves goodbye -- Owen (Joel Edgerton), Cliegg (Jack Thompson) and Beru (Bonnie Maree Piesse) say farewell to the departing Naboo starship.
July 22, 2002 Fall of a Jedi[268]An energetic Jedi extra takes a fall in the Geonosian arena.
July 19, 2002 Jedi Desk Job[269]Jedi Master Mace Windu keeps a tidy office.
July 18, 2002 Prime Minister's Miniature[270]The miniature set of Lama Su's office in Tipoca City.
July 17, 2002 A Smile that Counts[271]He doesn't look like a bad guy -- Christopher Lee (Count Dooku) and Director George Lucas enjoy a light moment on the set.
July 16, 2002 Cat Scratch Padmé[272]Natalie Portman (Padmé), wearing the scars of a nexu-attack, awaits her next take atop a Geonosian column.
July 15, 2002 Exact Fare Only[273]Hayden Christensen (Anakin), Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan), Natalie Portman (Padmé) and Rose Byrne (Dormé) hang out on the comfortable speeder bus set
July 12, 2002 Dexter's Back[274]An early computer-generated turnaround model of diner owner, Dexter Jettster.
July 10, 2002 Give Ani a Hand[275]A look at Anakin Skywalker's mechanical arm and puppeteering controls.
July 9, 2002 Prepping a Blast[276]ILM's Geoff Herron (Chief Pyrotechnics Engineer), Dennis Muren (Visual Effects Supervisor) and Vance Piper (Director of Photography) determine the best way to blow up an AT-TE miniature.
July 8, 2002 Bounty Hunter and Blue[277]Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett) is flanked by what will eventually become Geonosians in the viewing box of the execution area.
July 5, 2002 Tusken Camp[278]Sneaking up on a Tusken Raider encampment.
July 3, 2002 Kamino Corridor[279]A close up look at the miniature corridors of the Tipoca City cloning facility.
July 2, 2002 Hands-Free Headset[280]Obi-Wan Kenobi's headset comlink prop, for use in the Jedi starfighter.
July 1, 2002 Attack Helicopter[281]A miniature of the LAAT/i Republic gunship. During production, these vehicles were nicknamed " Jedi attack helicopters".
June 28, 2002 Missing Massiffs[282]The original script called for wild massiffs to attack Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) on this Geonosis cliff face.
June 27, 2002 Loyalist Committee[283]Members of the Loyalist Committee meet in Palpatine's office. From left-to-right: Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits), Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman), Orn Free Taa (Matthew Rowan), Dormé (Rose Byrne) and Captain Typho (Jay Laga'aia).
June 26, 2002 Scram Zam[284]Zam Wesell (Leeanna Walsman) flees the scene of a crime in what will eventually become the backstreets of Coruscant.
June 25, 2002 Secret Hangar Touch-up[285]An ILM model-maker details Count Dooku's secret Coruscant warehouse hangar.
June 24, 2002 Must-See HD[286]Everywhere Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll looks, he sees Star Wars -- plasma screens playback images from the Sony 24p HD camera.
June 21, 2002 Ladies of the Outlander[287]Four eligible otherworldly bachelorettes from the Outlander nightclub.
June 20, 2002 It Does Do Windows[288]LM's computer-generated model of an INS-444 window-installing droid.
June 19, 2002 Along for the Ride[289]Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) dangles between the forward tines of Zam Wesell's airspeeder.
June 18, 2002 Rodia Represents[290]Rodian Senator Onaconda Farr (Zuraya Hamilton) casts his vote in the Galactic Senate.
June 17, 2002 En Garde![291]Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) and Christopher Lee (Count Dooku) prepare for some serious lightsaber action.
June 14, 2002 Soup's On[292]A look at the cluttered spread of home-style eats available at Dex's Diner.
June 13, 2002 Building a Jedi Master[293]Make-up test for Jedi Master Shaak Ti's alien visage.
June 12, 2002 Prelude to Action[294]Before cameras roll, Director George Lucas and Producer Rick McCallum see what the Sony 24p HD camera sees on location at Lake Como, Italy.


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