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"Pirate strategies have been changing…They're better prepared. They have better equipment."
―Imanuel Doza, to Jarek Yeager[src]

Imanuel Doza was a human male who served as a captain in the Galactic Empire around the time of the Battle of Endor before defecting. By the time of the cold war, he operated as captain of the refueling station Colossus during the era of the New Republic.[1] His daughter with a female Rebel pilot was Torra Doza, a young Ace pilot who resided with her father in the station's upper levels.[5]


Early lifeEdit

"Why did you leave the Empire all those years ago?"
"Ultimately it came down to a personal choice. Though I wouldn't expect you to understand, even if I explained why, Pyre."
―Commander Pyre asking why Captain Doza left the Empire[src]
Doza imperial uniform

Doza served as a captain in the Galactic Empire before defecting.

Imanuel Doza was an Imperial officer who held the rank of captain[6] during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[2] However, Doza defected from the Imperial Military around the time of the Battle of Endor.[7] Following the end of the Galactic Civil War, Doza married a former Rebel pilot[8] and had a daughter, Torra. Doza and his daughter eventually lived on Castilon's Colossus refueling platform, where he eventually became the station's operator.[9]

The power crisisEdit

In 34 ABY,[3] Doza announced to Colossus' residents that their fuel supply had to be rationed for the next 100 hours. However, residents such as "Aunt Z" believed that he was behind the power outage and that Doza had power in his tower. Doza was believed to be part of the First Order and sneaking their ships in at night.[5]

When the power came back on, Major Elrik Vonreg arrived and Doza invited him to his office. There, Doza asked the baron what he wanted. Major Vonreg and the First Order wanted to offer him "protection" in order to assist Ace Squadron in keeping Colossus safe from the escalating pirate attacks. Despite Colossus being vulnerable without it's fuel supply, Doza rejected Vonreg's offer and threatened to report this coercion to the New Republic. Vonreg also threatened to report Doza's dealing with the criminal underworld to the New Republic. Despite the new threat, Doza refused Vonreg's bribe and told him that he would have to do better.[5]

Unbeknowst to both of them, they were being monitored by the still new Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono. Xiono believed that Doza was going to make a deal with the First Order and that he was their mole. Doza demanded to know what Vonreg's stormtroopers were doing and was told that a spy had listened in on their conversation. Doza and his daughter were shocked upon hearing this. His daughter told him that it was just one of her friends stopping by and Doza believed her. Doza made it clear that he did not like the First Order accusing Colossus' citizens of espionage and that he trusted his daughter and the citizens.[5]

After the First Order left, Doza looked over the security footage and saw Xiono. He wondered who Xiono was.[5]

Orphans of TeharEdit

Later, Captain Doza sent the security droid 4D-M1N to summon Xiono for a meeting with him. Doza knew him as Yeager's mechanic, Torra's challenger in a race. After exchanging pleasantries, Doza questioned Xiono about his interest in the two missing children Kel and Eila, whom the First Order had placed a bounty on.[10]

Kaz showed Captain Doza Kel's charm and asked why they were on the run. Doza responded that mercenaries usually did not ask questions. When Kaz replied that he was not a mercenary, Doza asked Kaz to consider who would place such a bounty on two missing children and why. Kaz responded that he only wanted the children to get home safely. Satisfied at Xiono's motives, Doza told 4D to escort Kaz out.[10]

In private, Doza contacted Captain Phasma via hologram and asked why the First Order would place such a large bounty on two children. Phasma claimed that Kel and Eila were from a wealthy and powerful family in the First Order. Doza confirmed that the children were on the platform and also reminded Phasma to ensure that First Order visitors respect local law on the Colossus.[10]

In truth, Kel and Eila were the survivors of a First Order massacre on Tehar. First Order forces under Commander Pyre arrived to hunt them down, with orders to recruit them or to kill if they refused. However, Xiono helped the children escape by staging their deaths. Kel and Eila subsequently found refuge among the Chelidae engineers and mechanics on the engineering deck.[10]

Return of the piratesEdit

Later, Captain Doza hired Jarek Yeager and his Team Fireball to repair the station's aerial defense system's tracking computer. Since Ace Squadron was escorting an important supply shipment, Doza told Yeager to have the weapons system ready within the next three hours.[11]

While Yeager's mechanics were searching for a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip, Doza met with Yeager inside Doza Tower. He told Yeager that they had to get the cannons online within an hour. Doza expressed his concerns about the improved tactics and equipment of the pirates. Yeager tried to reassure Doza by promising that his team would have the cannons online within the hour. However, they were spied upon by the pirate spy Synara San, who deduced that the Colossus' aerial defense system was down and contacted Kragan Gorr. Kragan's Warbird gang launched a second raid on the Colossus.[11]

During the attack, Captain Doza dispatched two security teams to the loading docks. As the platform burned, Doza contacted Yeager by comlink and demanded to know when his cannons would be online. Yeager responded that his team was working on it. After fighting off Kragan and his gang, Yeager and Xiono managed to install the tracking computer. With the anti-aircraft systems activated, Doza was able to drive away the pirate ships with the anti-aircraft guns and the help of the Ace Squadron.[11]

Following the pirate raid, Captain Doza contacted the First Order. Doza asked Commander Pyre to look at his proposal and requested his help in combating the pirate raids. Pyre was pleased and reassured him that he would be visiting the Colossus to oversee the proposal personally.[11]

The Platform ClassicEdit

The day before the Platform Classic race, Doza later summoned Jarek Yeager, accompanied by his entire crew, to his office, to request he participate in the race. When Yeager declined, Doza stated he anticipated this but believed he couldn't resist racing against a champion, Marcus Speedstar, who then revealed himself to his estranged brother. Since Yeager was still bitter towards his younger brother for causing the deaths of his wife and daughter, Yeager refused to have anything to do with Speedstar and walked out, saying that he would see him in another decade.[12]

Following a failed attempt to force Speedstar out of the race, Yeager was obliged to race when Aunt Z and her customers placed bets on the two brothers. During the race, Doza observed the race from his office. In the final leg, Yeager allowed Speedstar to win after letting go of his bitterness realizing that Speedstar was racing to save his friend Oplock from the Guavian Death Gang. As a result, Speedstar won the Platform Classic and was able to free his friend.[12]

The First Order proposalEdit

While impatiently awaiting an impending visit from Commander Pyre of the First Order, Doza was visited by Torra, who was also impatient about being isolated in her room. Though his daughter protested that she was capable of handling pirates and marauders, Doza insisted that the First Order was far more dangerous and told Torra to remain in her room until they had departed and assigned 4D-M1N to make sure she stayed put. Once 4D has left, Captain Doza contacted Pyre. After exchanging pleasantries, Pyre tells Doza to prepare the tower docking bay, promising to arrive within the hour.[2]

Following Pyre's arrival, Doza discussed with the stormtrooper regarding the First Order providing security for the Colossus. When Doza asked if his stormtroopers would leave the platform after the pirate threat had passed, Pyre remained evasive, stating it would be impossible to place a timeline due to the unpredictability of pirates. Doza subsequently received a datapad containing information on the First Order's proposal. He asked for time to consider their proposal, though Pyre insisted he not delay, so Doza ordered 4D to place the datapad in his office.[2]

As he was seeing Pyre off, Doza was accosted by Jace Rucklin, who desired to speak with him. When Pyre asked if there was a problem, Doza insisted it was nothing to worry about and took Rucklin back inside the tower, where the boy insisted he saw Kazuda Xiono break into his office. The two rush to Doza's office to find it completely deserted. Though Doza found Rucklin's story suspect, the boy insisted that Xiono was in hiding and began searching. As he was about to open Doza's closet containing his Imperial uniform, the captain was forced to stop him, insisting it was private property. After sending Rucklin out with his trash, Doza was about to investigate his closet himself, only to be interrupted by Torra, who stated that the Aces desired to speak with him regarding his deal with the First Order. Conceding that she was right, Doza accompanied his daughter to meet the Aces.[2]

Once all his affairs were wrapped up, Doza returned to Torra's room to take her out on his promised hover cruise.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Captain Doza was a male human[1] with graying hair, brown eyes and light skin. He was very overprotective of his daughter.[13] He concealed his former allegiance with the Empire, keeping his old uniform hidden in a closet in his office.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Imanuel Doza is a character created and developed for Star Wars Resistance. He is voiced by Jason Hightower.[5]



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