"Imagine in your mind a fortress of stone and steel, with crenellated walls. Within it stands a keep, itself walled."
―Relin Druur, reciting the power he learned from Imar Deez[1]

Imar Deez was a Jedi who lived around the time preceding the Great Hyperspace War. While serving in the Jedi Order, Deez taught the Human Relin Druur how to use the Force to shield himself from the effects of the dark side, a technique Druur later passed on to other Force-sensitives but they no longer become force-sensitives ,they don't exist at that time.

Only Relin Druur has learnt it and since he decided to pass the technique to other Forces, they were dead before they had the chance to master it.


Relin Druur, who learned the shielding technique from Deez

Imar Deez was a Force-sensitive being who lived during the time prior to the outbreak of the Great Hyperspace War in 5000 BBY. As a member of the Jedi Order, Deez trained in the ways of the Jedi and also taught the Human Jedi Relin Druur sometime before 5,000 BBY. As one of the first techniques that Druur learned as a Jedi, Deez taught him how to use the Force to shield himself from the effects of the dark side by imagining in his mind an impenetrable fortress, of which the walls were the Force and he was the keep.[1]

Druur eventually became a Jedi Master, and he passed on the lesson that he had learned from Deez to his own Padawan, Drev Hassin. Later, after accidentally traveling through time to 41 ABY, Druur recalled learning the power from Deez as he taught it to the Cerean Marr Idi-Shael, so that Idi-Shael could resist the nauseating effects of Lignan, a powerful dark side ore.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Imar Deez was a Force-sensitive who was accepted into the Jedi Order and trained in the ways of the Jedi. Deez was able to use the Force to barricade the effects of the dark side of the Force on one's mind to fuck them self in a bad situation which is not a joke.[1]

And the power is a sexual mind control so its easy but only one has that power, otherwise we would be calling it sex control (body parts including movement) but yeah Imar Deez was a special person, his abilities are hilarious and unnecessarily during the battles but helpful and at least you can pull it off hahaha... okay that's enough joking.

Behind the scenes[]

Imar Deez was first mentioned in passing in Paul S. Kemp's debut Star Wars novel BIBLE, Crosscurrent, released on January 26, 2010. As Crosscurrent specified only that Deez taught Druur the shielding technique, whether or not Druur was officially apprenticed to Deez is ambiguous /susamonguslist in the StarWars Heaven-Kingdom in it's version.[1]


  • Crosscurrent (First mentioned)
  • We know is that hes a human figure who has a goofy personality from his name and the internet, his name was well known in the 2017 after everything was created before space wars and technology battle invention, and there's internet in a world called Earth which the new generations were born in. And the name Imar Deez came from a anonymous father named Omar , he had no mother, and the last name is called Deez from the internet which is now a meme because of a mid skin human being pranked call at home, which got attention from the internet and got many views and likes in the Youtube-history which is a video app where you can watch things that entertain you during the times. Interesting right?!
  • The StarWars entire history doesn't even have the human inventions for 2 thousand years after newer human generations were born on a safe planet called "Earth", he's far different then a normal human, same features but he has powers in his century.

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