Imhar Canyon was a canyon located on the planet of Ossus. Deep within the submerged tunnels of the canyon was a Temple which served as a satellite facility to the Great Jedi Library just a few days' walk from the canyon. In addition to the Great Library's annex, the canyon included a praxeum for aquatic Jedi and a bathymetric survey facility.


Imhar Canyon was a natural landmark on the planet Ossus, carved out overtime by an underground river. A labyrinth of subterranean tunnels, much of the canyon was filled with water which had pool in giant underground lakes and vaults. Large tunnels connected the three largest vaults allowing water to flow between these areas. When the Great Jedi Library was constructed a few days' walking distance from the canyon, the Jedi converted several portions of the valley into an annex for the Great Library. Deep within the vaults, the Jedi Order established a small praxeum within one of the large vaults where young Jedi of aquatic species could train in an environment that was more comfortable to their needs. The last administrator of the facility was the Mairan Jedi Master Gar Anstak, who kept an office near the surface. When the Cron Supernova destroyed all life on Ossus at the conclusion of the Great Sith War, Anstak and his student were entombed within the facility by a cave-in at the entrance. Before he eventually succumbed to his fate, Anstak created a message for any Jedi that would eventually discover him, detailing a hidden Jedi archives in Derem City on Kamino.

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The three primary caverns of the Imhar Canyon Temple were almost completely submerged in clean water that flowed from a subterranean river. Cavern One was a massive archives holding delicate artifacts created by species from aquatic worlds. These artifacts could not be exposed to the air and were properly stored only when completely submerged. Within this cavern was a communications center that allowed for the staff to communicate with the Great Library in real time and access the stacks within the Great Library. Among the artifacts were a series of items from the planets Iskalon, Drexel, and Issor, among countless others. Cavern Two contained the praxeum, which accommodated Jedi Padawans of aquatic species. Because of their physiology, these Jedi were more comfortable in a wet environment an trained here more easily then they would have at the primary Praxeum in Knossa. It was in Cavern Three that the praxeum's vault was constructed. The vault allowed the praxeum headmaster to keep, create, and experiment with Force artifacts under their care.


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