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"Part of the Death Star design team is on their way to a rendezvous with the Star Destroyer Immortal."
―Admiral Gial Ackbar leads a Rebel briefing[src]

Immortal was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Starfleet.


During the early years of the Galactic Civil War, the Immortal was assigned to take out the Tantive IV. It ambushed the Tantive IV while she was receiving the Death Star plans from the Rebel shuttle Maria, launching several Assault Gunboats to disable the corvette before jumping into hyperspace. The Immortal was due to return and deliver a shuttle carrying stormtroopers to capture the vessel after the Gunboats disabled it, however Rebel X-wings, led by Keyan Farlander, were able to destroy the Gunboats and allow the Tantive IV to escape.

Just hours later, while the Tantive IV was about to deliver the plans to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty, the Immortal once again showed up and prevented the transfer, this time succeeding in disrupting Operation Skyhook. Keyan Farlander and Hamo Blastwell in R-22 Spearheads held off the Imperial attack while the Tantive IV escaped. The Tantive IV then proceeded to 'plan B' and moved to Tatooine. However, once there, it was intercepted by the Star Destroyer Devastator.

The Immortal led several attacks on Rebel Alliance freighters and cruisers shortly before the Battle of Yavin. When privateers, acting on behalf of the Rebels, captured the Imperial BFF-1 bulk freighter Sidral II the Immortal attempted to prevent the transfer of its cargo of military equipment bound for the Death Star to the Rebel corvette Frazier. The Immortal was some distance away but launched TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/sa bombers. However, two R-22 Spearheads from Red Squadron, led by Keyan Farlander, prevented the TIEs from disrupting the transfer and the Rebels fled to hyperspace safely.

When the Rebels disabled an Imperial transport carrying officers headed for the Death Star, the Immortal attempted to prevent the shuttle Hunter from capturing the transport. However, by the time it arrived the transport had already been captured and was headed for the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Inad. While fighters launched from the Immortal engaged Rebel Y-wings, more Imperial transports attempted to recapture the stolen transport. However, Farlander again destroyed the transports and the Rebels escaped.

During another mission it approached Defiance above Bestine IV and launched squadrons of TIE/sa bombers to destroy it. Most of the Defiance's pilots were away flying other missions but the ship was able to scramble three X-wings and two R-22 Spearheads in its defense. The Rebel pilots, including Farlander and Breth Gart, on temporary assignment from the Independence, were able to tarry them, until the Defiance hyperspaced away. Same happened with Independence as soon as the Death Star was completed.

The officers who had been previously captured by the Rebels were unable to reveal much information except that Bevel Lemelisk was leading the design team and that some of his team had recently traveled to Coruscant for a meeting with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. As the technicians left Coruscant on the CR90 corvette Godar bound for the Intrepid, the Rebels attacked with a Y-wing from Red Squadron, flown by Farlander, two X-wings from Blue Squadron and the Lambda-class shuttle Rescue 1. The Immortal launched TIEs to assist the escorting Assault Gunboats, but the Rebel fighters were able to hold off the Imperials while Farlander disabled the Godar and Rescue 1 conducted the boarding operation. After Rescue 1 captured the personnel and fled into hyperspace, Farlander destroyed the Godar before following the other Rebels.

Later the Immortal attacked the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence in the Bestine system as part of a major Imperial offensive after the completion of the Death Star. The Imperial attack consisted of TIE Bombers to attack the cruiser while Assault Gunboats and TIE/IN interceptors engaged the defending X-wings and R-22s. Despite splitting up and attacking from three different directions two of the Imperial bomber groups were quickly destroyed. The third made it through and began firing proton torpedoes at the Independence. The defending starfighters were caught up fighting the Gunboats but eventually broke away and were able to help the Independence's gunners destroy the last bombers. The Independence escaped to hyperspace with its shields down but with only minimal hull damage.

Immortal approaching the Independence task force during the Battle of Sullust.

In 4 ABY, the Immortal attacked the Defiance and the Independence to prevent them to reach the Sullust system and the Alliance Fleet preparing the Battle of Endor.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The book X-Wing: The Official Strategy Guide informs us that Darth Vader was onboard the ship while chasing Tantive IV. It's possible that the game authors were ignorant of the canon and Immortal was a mistaken made-up name for the canonical ship Devastator that appeared in the movie.



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