The Imperial-class, or Imperial-series repulsortank, was a line of military vehicles made by Ubrikkian Industries. Three versions of the tank were created; light, medium, and heavy variants. The designation applied to the amount of armament carried by each variant tank as all three tanks of the Imperial-class shared the same chassis design. The heavy variant of the Imperial repulsortank was the standard production model.

Imperial-class repulsortank variantsEdit


Imperial Repulsortank 1-L

Light Imperial RepulsortankEdit

The cheapest version of the Imperial-class repulsortank, the 1-L lacked the main gun found on the heavier variants. It required a crew of only two to operate—driver and gunner—and had space for either the sergeant or platoon sergeant major. It mounted a single Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Mark 3/S Medium Blaster Cannon.


Imperial Repulsortank 1-M

Medium Imperial RepulsortankEdit

The medium Imperial repulsortank was produced in limited numbers and intended for use by platoon officers to command their units in the field. It required a crew of three to operate—driver, gunner, and commanding lieutenant—with enough space for the sergeant major and communications equipment as well. The 1-M mounted a Merr-Sonn Mark 3/S Medium Blaster Cannon and a heavy repeating blaster.


Imperial Repulsortank 1-H

Heavy Imperial RepulsortankEdit

The heavy Imperial repulsortank was the most widely produced of the Imperial-class and required a crew of four to operate—driver, two gunners, and the commanding sergeant. Considered to be a squad level unit in itself for the purposes of the Order of Battle, the 1-H mounted a Merr-Sonn Mark 4e/S Heavy Laser Cannon and a Mark 3/S Medium Blaster Cannon. Of the first 1,500 tanks produced, 1,420 were assigned to the first Death Star, and eighty to the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit.



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