The Imperial Action transport was a mammoth dropship type used by the Galactic Empire.


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Imperial transports landing on Yavin 4

The Imperial Action transports had six engines, two of which were permanently in place, while four others could turn vertically facing down to land.[1] The Imperial transport was armed with two forward-facing laser cannons for self-defense. When it was used in low light conditions, the Imperial transport could illuminate its landing zone with four spotlights (two in front and two in the rear). Each ship had four landing gear.

They had space to carry a squad of stormtroopers, two or three AT-STs, as well as one Imperial APC.[1] They could be deployed from a from a boarding ramp on the front of the ship.

The Empire also used these ships not only for carrying military cargo but also for other duties such as transporting prisoners as seen during the Rebel Alliance's rescue mission of defecting Imperial officer Tycho Celchu in year 0 ABY as well as during the rebel raid at Bakura in year 3 ABY.[1]


They had prominent uses at the Battle of Ralltiir and the Empire's Attack on Yavin 4. In addition, they were also involved in the Empire's attempt at capturing a defecting Imperial officer on Dantooine. Additionally, transports were used in a trap at Destrillion.[1]

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The transports were designed by Art Director Paul Topolos.



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