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Palpatine's advisors, who made up the Imperial Ruling Council.

"We rule through might and fear - fear of the chaos that would ensue should the Imperial government falter. Who better than the most educated, well-trained, highly civilized elite to lead the lesser beings who know nothing about maintaining culture and organization?"
Ars Dangor[src]

The Imperial Advisors, sometimes referred to as the Council of Advisors,[1] were a group of several hundred high ranking political bureaucrats of the Galactic Empire. Emperor Palpatine appointed these senior functionaries from hundreds of different worlds, to assist him in running the Empire. The Emperor only consulted with a dozen of them at a time. Only a few handful of advisors were appointed to the Imperial Ruling Council. All advisors were elite members of the Imperial Court.

Each advisor was assigned to gather information about a rival advisor's home system, which discouraged them from forming secret alliances. This method of fear and greed served to bind each advisor to the Emperor. In addition, Imperial Advisors would perform administrative tasks and duties, such as appoint Imperial Governors, Moffs, and other servants of the Galactic Empire as designated by the Emperor. It was Imperial Advisor Ars Dangor who officially appointed Moff Wilhuff Tarkin to the rank of Grand Moff.

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Six of Palpatine's advisors boarding the second Death Star.

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