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"Imperial intelligence operatives are clearly just as deadly as their Sith superiors."
Jedi Master Gnost-Dural[src]

An Imperial Agent was an occupation held by operatives of the Sith Empire during the time of the Great Galactic War and the following Cold War. Some of the Agents were actually Chiss members of the Empire's ally, the Chiss Ascendancy.


These field agents served as spies, assassins and saboteurs for the Sith's fearsome Imperial Intelligence. Through them, they were able to dominate countless star systems across the galaxy by tracking down as well as eliminating the Empire's enemies which ranged from senators of the Galactic Republic to traitorous Imperial Moffs and bloodthirsty rebels who had ties to the Republic. The skills required for such a task meant that Imperial agents had to master the arts of infiltration, seduction as well as assassination in order to further the Empire's cause. These shadowy soldiers had to face opposition in both the terrified galaxy as well as the capriciousness of the Sith Lords.

As such, Imperial Intelligence had to cultivate a notoriously vast and efficient network of informants in order to enable their agents to navigate the political landscapes of the galaxy with ease. While the allegiances of these agents went without question, their great latitude in pursuing the agendas of the Sith Empire meant that these individuals also harbored their own motivations. Piercing through countless layers of intrigues, these shadowy spies knew of conspiracies within conspiracies with even close contacts being unaware of what these individuals were accomplishing until the deed was done.

An Imperial agent

The elite within their ranks often were code named Cipher Agents who were recruited and trained to carry out the most dangerous as well as the most sensitive of assignments that the Empire had to offer. This ranged from undercover work to carrying out assignments in broad daylight which they accomplished through a carefully orchestrated range of tactics that left little room for error as even the smallest mistake could have catastrophic consequences. However, with every successful mission, the galactic arena shifted in the Sith Empire's favor which was primarily accomplished through the critical role the Imperial agents played in securing Sith domination. Their covert nature meant that recon images of their actions were rare as their variety of disguises as well as stealth-based nature of their battle gear meant that they were often hard to spot. The only common factor that was seen among them was that they could change at anytime. As their duties meant that they were often called for a high degree of subversion and infiltration into hostile organizations, it was often known that if they were not in the company of their friends, then they were in the company of their enemies.

Within the society of the Sith, the upper echelons of power were reserved for the Force-sensitive Sith alone. Yet, at the heart of the Sith Empire were billions of subjects, many of whom were descendants of the original exiles that had settled on Dromund Kaas. To these loyal citizens, the Imperial agents represented the exemplar of the highest standing to which was a position they had hoped to aspire. Likewise, the populace of the Empire were the people that the Imperial agents risked their lives to protect. Though there were few idealists in Imperial Intelligence, it was the art of professional perfection which was held in deep reverence and was something that the Imperial agents embodied.

Due to the high level of work they were often called to undertake, the Empire often spared no expense in outfitting the Imperial agents with the best gear. State of the art technology along with high grade armor mesh was provided for both protection as well as flexibility in movement. In addition, they were further augmented with advanced communications technology as well as attachments to better interface with the variety of computer networks and security systems they encountered. While they possessed potent weapons, their tactics relied on range and surprise as well as the arsenal of their state of the art equipment. Thus, they often entered into combat with a confident strategy that involved striking from a distance or the shadows which played on their strengths. Imperial agents were well equipped to evade their enemies when necessary or to move quietly in order to slide a blade into their opponent's ribs. These individuals often kept their fingers on the right buttons in order to combat any situation, whether working solo or as part of a strike team.


""This isn't glamorous work. We are sanitation workers, we clean up after the military and the Sith and do the jobs no one else will. Without us though the Empire falls apart. So we do whatever is necessary even if it's thankless and ugly, do you understand?""
―Keeper, explaining what it means to be an Imperial Agent.[src]
  • Informer: Spies, scouts and informants who gathered information and relayed it back to base. Were often assigned a fixed position they would never leave.
  • Cipher: Operatives that were skilled in assassination, seduction, infiltration and sabotage. Ciphers were often the field agents and main attack force of Intelligence, adept with poisons, rifles and gadgets.
  • Minder: Information processors who received intelligence from Ciphers and anticipate their enemies movements. Minders work as internal security, screening Intelligence for vulnerabilities, and addressing any breaches.
  • Fixer: Technical agents who were adept at slicing, engineering and biomechanics. Often processed and made sense of technical data (such as datapads and bioscans) gathered by Ciphers.
  • Watcher: Observers that recover, process and analyze data, then relay their findings back to the Ciphers. Watchers report directly to Keeper.
  • Keeper: The main leader of Imperial Intelligence. Keeper gives orders to their operatives, comes up with the largest plans, and knows all the secrets of the Empire and Intelligence.
  • Minister of Intelligence: The true leader of Intelligence. The Minister handles the paperwork and technical details of running Intelligence, and reports directly to the Dark Council. This is the highest position a non-Sith can achieve in the Empire.

Behind the scenes[]

Grand Moff Tarkin is listed as an inspiration for the Imperial Agent, as is Sam Fisher, from the Tom Clancy's "Splinter Cell" series.[1]

Imperial Agents are playable in Star Wars: The Old Republic.



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