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"I enlisted to fly TIE fighters so I could get off Corellia. Ended up discharged all the way down to the infantry."
―Han Solo reflects on being a soldier[src]

Early in the rule of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Army deployed soldiers separate from stormtroopers. They were often members of local planetary defense forces who fought during the Clone Wars and were conscripted into the Imperial Military. The Imperial Army gradually upgraded and replaced the soldiers with stormtroopers.[1]


In 14 BBY, non-stormtrooper soldiers fought under Moff Delian Mors against the Free Ryloth movement.[3] Swamp troopers were soldiers of the Imperial Army that were classified as regular infantry, and not stormtroopers. During the Mimban campaign in 10 BBY, swamp troopers fought alongside wet-weather gear stormtroopers against the Mimbanese Liberation Army.[1]



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