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The Imperial Assault Shuttle was a starship used primarily by the Galactic Empire,[2] the Rebel Alliance[2] and the Second Imperium.[1] It resembled the Lambda-class shuttle.[1]


As a larger capital ship variant of the Lambda-class shuttle, the assault shuttle was capable of carrying a significant complement of troops and starfighters as well as holding cells for prisoners.[3] The most notable distinction from the Lambda-class was the cofferdam that had been placed beneath the bridge. The outer rim of the cofferdam was lined with Corusca gems, which were used to cut through the hulls of space stations or other vessels just prior to a boarding action. As such, the shuttle was used primarily in boarding operations and even on small strategic raids.[1]


Modified assault shuttles were used in conjunction with Rebel Assault Frigate Mark Is, being docked at the top of each frigate's superstructure.[2]

In the Battle of Ciutric, an Imperial Assault Shuttle was used to attempt an escape by Colonel Lorrir and Ysanne Isard's clone, but was destroyed by Wedge Antilles.[4]

During the Shadow Academy/Second Imperium insurgence of 23 ABY, a modified version was used to raid GemDiver Station over Yavin[1] and to board and capture the bulk cruiser Adamant above Coruscant.[5] Later, a camouflaged assault shuttle was also used to transport a considerable complement of TIE/LN starfighters, TIE/sa bombers and ground troops for a small strategic raid on Kashyyyk to obtain computer units for installing on the Second Imperium's hastily-assembled fleet of capital ships.[3]



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