"These sky mines, they fill the sky with fire and death…I must have more."
Raith Sienar[src]

Imperial Atmospheric Explosive was a mine produced by Arakyd Industries and used by the Galactic Empire.

The mine drifted through the atmosphere, guided by sensors, which would home the mine into any enemy craft detected. The mine pursued the target with an advanced tracking system and repulsorlifts, closing to lethal range before detonating. It was fitted with an ion cannon to disable the ships it was chasing. The Imperial Atmospheric Explosive had an effective blast range of thirty meters.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

While the heading on the top of the page in The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology labels this weapon as the Imperial Atmospheric Explosive, the component diagram at the bottom of the page depicts the weapon having an ion cannon, with no mention of the repulsorlift system mentioned in the body of the article.

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