"Utterly implacable, the huge machines raised their weapons toward the collected civilians and sprayed them with jets of glistening steam. The cries of protest died immediately. Even before the vapors cleared, leaving a collection of frozen statues that had once been normal village folk, the droids rampaged through the village. No living thing survived."
―Excerpt from Imperial Atrocities and Other Noble Pursuits[src]

Imperial Atrocities and Other Noble Pursuits was a narrative work written by the military historian Chen Ming-di. The document depicted many brutal military successes by the forces of the Galactic Empire during its rise to power and subsequent reign.

One portion of the document narrates the subjugation of the village of Rhador,[1] while another depicts 85 Imperial jumptroopers forcing the surrender of over 3,000 Rebels while capturing the Citadel of Ebenmal.[2]


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