The Imperial Biological Weapons Division was a division within the Galactic Empire whose goal was to create new biological weapons to use against other races and cultures; this could take the form of bacteria, viruses or even genetically created life forms. To hide its operations, the division was publicly referred to as the Imperial Biological Welfare Department. To the public, its goal was to protect the Empire's citizens against biological weapons and ensure their welfare. The Imperial Biological Welfare Division was an organization created to cover up the work of the Biological Weapons Division, claiming to be working to protect species survival from diseases.

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It is known that the Imperial Biological Weapons Division were experimenting with the Blackwing virus (Imperial bioweapons Project I71A). It is assumed that the Division was working on a way of using blackwing against rival civilizations or rogue planets. It isn't known what became of the project after the disaster on board the Star Destroyer Vector, as the materials that were being carried aboard the destroyer zombified almost the entire crew. The project was highly classified and mentions in databanks were very vague.

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