"As long as Filry Vorru's people are willing to abide by the conduct standards we set for our law enforcement and militia forces, they will remain within the bounds of our trust. If they step outside those guidelines, they will be outside their lawful duty and will be dealt with in a suitable manner."
Mon Mothma[src]

The Imperial Center People's Militia was, officially, a militia and security force created to police the underworld of the planet Coruscant after its capture by the New Republic. The militia was led by former Moff Fliry Vorru who, while rejecting the position of Commissioner, was given the rank of Colonel in the Coruscant Constabulary. However, unofficially the militia was used by Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard, who controlled Vorru, to further her attempts to destroy the New Republic and reestablish Imperial control of Coruscant and the galaxy.


"While we put much of our misfortune concerning the operations to take Coruscant down to having Zekka Thyne and other Imperial spies in our midst, it is entirely possible Vorru was working directly for Isard at that point. He certainly was in her employ by the time he was appointed a Colonel in the Coruscant Constabulary."
Winter Celchu providing a briefing on Vorru's activities.[src]

Prior to the New Republic's capture of the planet Coruscant from the Galactic Empire, several persons, many who were former Black Sun members, were released by New Republic forces from the prison planet of Kessel and smuggled into Coruscant. Former Imperial Moff Fliry Vorru was sent in as well with as the New Republic hoped that he could revive Black Sun and cause enough to disruptions that would allow for the New Republic to take Coruscant. While the remnants of Black Sun were able to cause significant issues for the Coruscant Constabulary and stormtrooper forces, Vorru was unable to fully re-establish the criminal syndicate. After Coruscant fell to the New Republic, they began the task of establishing a government.[2]

However, they discovered the Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard had ordered the release of a deadly toxin called the Krytos virus infecting a large portion of Coruscant's non-human population. The cure was found to be bacta however it was in short supply causing a huge demand for it on the black market. With law enforcement resources limited, Vorru offered to the New Republic Provisional Council to provide police services to the underworld and to control the black market. While the Council did not grant Vorru the position of Commissioner,[2] he was given the rank of Colonel in the Coruscant Constabulary[3] and allowed to form the Imperial Center People's Militia.[2]

At the same time, the New Republic was attempting to counter the terrorist activities of Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor who was leading the Palpatine Counter-Insurgency Front. Unknown to the New Republic, Vorru began a complicated game of allegiances, playing Ysanne Isard, Kirtan Loor, and the New Republic against one another, including forcing Loor to take orders from him on which targets to hit and when. Despite his efforts to advance his own agenda, Vorru eventually became a pawn of Isard.[2] When Isard fled Coruscant on the Lusankya, Vorru left with her leaving the People's Militia leaderless and fragmented.[1]



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