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"Imperial boarding pods detected in all sectors!"
―An anonymous Rebel soldier warning the crew of the Salvation[src]

The Imperial Drill Pod Boarding Craft was a craft used by the Galactic Empire to land Infantry boarding parties aboard enemy ships.


The Drill Pod was very similar in design and use to the older Separatist Droch-class boarding ship. It could carry up to 10 armed soldiers as well as wardroids such as the Carbonite war droid and the Incinerator war droid. It was equipped with a drill that was made up of four sharpened plates of Durasteel that were connected and working in unison. This drill would be located at the front of the vessel. The purpose of the drill was to penetrate the hull of the enemy starship. The pod would be launched from a Star Destroyer or other capital ship and would spin its outer hull and drill until it impacted the enemy hull.

Once the enemy ship's hull was penetrated, the drill's four durasteel plates would separate, and a ramp would be lowered. This would provide an opening for the boarding party to disembark from. The pod was unarmed and was vulnerable while flying towards the enemy vessel. Since this ship was primarily used for deploying infantry, heavier units such as the AT-ST and AT-MP would be deployed by the far larger Imperial Boarding Pods.


One of the most notable uses of the vessel was at the Assault on Kamino. During this battle, the Empire used the pods to board the Rebel Alliance EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, the Salvation. Several of the Drill Pods were used to deploy boarding parties on several locations aboard the Salvation. The pods deployed stormtroopers, scout troopers, jumptroopers, Saber Guards and Incinerator war droids against the frigate's defenders.

The vessels often landed in close proximity to the larger Boarding Pods in order to combine infantry and armored assaults. It was only because of Starkiller that the Rebels were able to repel the Imperial boarding parties.