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The Imperial Dropship Transport (IDT) was a model of armored dropship used by the Galactic Empire.


The Imperial Drophsip Transport (or IDT for short) was an armored dropship that had open sides and was equipped with loudhailers.[2] It shared structural similarities[1] with the Low Altitude Assault Transports used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.[3]


The IDT was used by the Galactic Empire's military to transport contingents of stormtroopers. It notably allowed to insert Imperial troops within an enemy base.[1]


The IDT existed as far back as around 18 BBY.[4] At that time, the Imperial forces garrisoned on the planet Agaris used at least one such ship, which was notably deployed during the attempt to apprehend the fugitive Milo and Lina Graf.[2] It was said that not much inspired fear in Rebel Alliance soldiers more than the sight of a fleet of IDTs on the horizon, brimming with stormtroopers.[1]


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