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"I've seen some impressive things as a Stormtrooper of the Empire. I've seen Star Destroyers tear apart a battlecruiser with just tractor beams. I've seen command ships so big they take three days to walk from end to end. I even saw Lord Vader once. But I think the greatest thing I ever saw was those squat little dropships, flying out of a binary sunset, loaded with reinforcements, ammunition, medical droids and food."
Imperial Stormtrooper[src]

The Imperial Dropship Transport, or IDT for short, was a type of craft that was used by the Galactic Empire.

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Characteristics[edit | edit source]

An Imperial dropship on Raxus Prime

Much like the MAAT gunship[2] and RaDAir speeder,[4] the Imperial dropship transport was similar in design to the Republic LAAT.[5] The dropship transport was smaller in size than its Republic predecessor.[2]

Its cockpit was elongated in a similar vein to that of the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle.[6] The internal troop bay was opened by doors on each side that folded up into the ship upon landing. It possessed two large wings, like the LAAT, and two smaller wings on the top.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Around 19 BBY,[2] several Dropship Tranpsorts were used to escape a doomed Venator-class Star Destroyer. They made it to the moon, but the survivors were soon all killed.[7]

One such transport was present with the Imperial forces that occupied the planet Felucia and deployed a contingent of stormtroopers which came under assault by Felucian warriors. The shuttle had landed but the soldiers were killed by Galen Marek when he came to the world to rescue Senator Bail Prestor Organa.[2] Another such shuttle was deployed by the Imperial garrison on Raxus Prime where it discovered Galen Marek. The stormtroopers present in it attempted to kill the Force-user, but were destroyed by the Sith apprentice.[2]

A dropship transport was later used to deploy stormtroopers on Kamino when the clone Marek attempted to escape. Several more were constantly used to ferry troops to combat the test subject as he attempted to escape.[8] Afterwards, dropship transports were used at Tarko-se on Cato Neimoidia when Starkiller arrived on the planet to free his progenitor's Jedi mentor, Rahm Kota.[8] During the Assault on Kamino, two dropships were used to assault the rebel positions until General Rahm Kota called Starkiller to aid them. The clone used the Force to send TIE Fighters strafing Timira City crashing into the transports.[8]

A close up view of the troop bay

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

These transports did not appear in the PS2, PSP, or Wii version of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game.

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