Imperial Dungeoneers on Byss.

Imperial Dungeoneers were Imperial soldiers assigned to oversee secret dungeon ships, prisons, and slave/labor camps.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Dungeoneers were issued two types of armor. The type for low-security threats included light Imperial Army chest, shoulder, and helmet armor, breath masks, riot guns, and glop grenades. High-risk armor resembled stormtrooper armor, including helmet comlink, ten-meter audio-visual motion sensors and record broadcasters, and fully contained air supplies.

Both versions included an electronic lock needed to remove the armor, preventing prisoners from removing it from guards. Both versions also included utility packs armed with neuronic whips, a pair of 24 wristbinders, blasters, riot guns, buzz-knucks, stun batons, and power swords.

History[edit | edit source]

Normally they were an extremely rare sight, but due to manpower shortages were reassigned to frontline duty during the Imperial Civil War. Some of them were recruited from the military, but a majority were clones. Under the reborn Emperor Palpatine, these soldiers worked along side Imperial Sentinels to escort high value prisoners such as Luke Skywalker.

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