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"Does this office have links for the Imperial Enforcement DataCore?"
"Yes. But access is limited to Imperial personnel and licensed bounty hunters."
"I got a license."
―Bossk and a Sakiyan posting agent[src]

The Imperial Enforcement DataCore was a means of accessing information regarding the law enforcement activities of Galactic Empire and its agents. On the planet Lothal, it could be accessed from a posting agency, but access was limited to Imperial personnel and licensed bounty hunters.[1]

One such bounty hunter was Bossk, who found a bounty posted on the DataCore for Gronson Takkaro. After being set up by an Imperial agent named Jenkes, posing as a Lieutenant Herdringer, Bossk visited the posting agency at the Capital City spaceport, looking to clarify certain information. The cost for the use of the DataCore there was fifteen credits per hour or twenty-five to use it for the entire day. Using the DataCore, Bossk learned that Herdringer had been killed by being hit by a speeder bus three months before and that Jenkes had replaced him. Bossk's search of Jenkes's personal and military records was flagged by a RA-7 protocol droid, which had been alerted to watch for such activity by Jenkes.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Imperial Enforcement DataCore first appeared in "Elusive", an adventure for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, 2nd ed. and in the Galaxywide NewsNets, material published in the Star Wars Adventure Journals. In these, the DataCore was simply a listing of criminals wanted by the Empire. This conception of the DataCore is now considered part of the "Star Wars Legends" continuity and not canon.



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