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"Welcome to the Imperial Enforcement DataCore. This is a galaxy-wide database of bounties posted throughout the Empire. The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigation provides this service for individuals who have acquired an Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate (IPKC).
"Certified individuals are permitted to transport weapons and devices that may be in violation of local ordinances throughout the Empire. They are permitted to use these items only in pursuit of registered bounties; unlawful use of an otherwise illegal item is cause for revocation of an IPKC."
―from the Imperial Enforcement DataCore[src]

The Imperial Enforcement DataCore was a database listing of criminals wanted by the Galactic Empire. It was published as quarterly by the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations. Being placed on that list would automatically also place one on the Imperial Remandation List. Both Mon Mothma and Leia Organa's names appeared in the DataCore.

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