Imperial Entanglements was a supplement of scenarios for the Star Wars Miniatures Battles game. It was the second and final supplement for the game, published in 1996 by West End Games.

In addition to the scenarios, the book contained a "Rules Clarifications and Upgrade," to explain and clarify ambiguities and oversights from the previously published rules. Among the new material provided in this section was an expansion of the Aurebesh character set to include common punctuation marks, and the inclusion of game statistics for the Storm Skimmer, a vehicle introduced in the Dark Empire comic book.

A section of Troop Lists also provides new troop types for use in the game, expanding on the original Troop Lists in Star Wars Miniatures Battles.

The bulk of the supplement consisted of nine scenarios for playing the game. They are described below:

  • Scenario One: Big Game - A hunting party is hired to accompany retired corporate exec and wildlife collector Halor Dinnoral to an uncharted planet and aid him in acquiring some new specimens for his personal zoo. This is a solitaire scenario, providing rules to govern the arrival and behavior of an assortment of creatures during the game.
  • Scenario Six: Who Goes There? - In the dense jungles of Mentanar Vosk, Rebel Strike Force Altagak has been effective in harrying the Imperial garrison there. When the garrison commander discovers their base of operations, he sends stormtroopers to eradicate the menace. Aware of this, the strike force heads for its escape shuttle. So begins a race to the Rebel base through the thick jungle. This scenario provides special rules for simulating the disorienting effects of moving through a thick jungle, so that the two sides are never really sure where they are headed.