The Imperial Galactic Bank commonly referred to as the Imperial Bank or Galactic Bank was a financial system encompassing much of the known galaxy.


The system was used by most sentient beings within the galaxy, specifically within the territory of the Galactic Empire, during the years of the New Order and, later, the Galactic Civil War. Its gargantuan headquarters was located on Coruscant and teemed with stormtroopers serving as security. After escaping from Ylesia, Han Solo attempted to withdraw funds from the Bank that he had stashed there while on Corellia, having "earned" them by pawning off treasures stolen from Teroenza, the High Priest of that world. Unfortunately for Solo, the withdrawal was denied due to a freeze placed on the account by CorSec Inspector Hal Horn.[1] Lando Calrissian had an account in it.[2]



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