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The Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide is the official military guidebook for strategies, branches, units, philosophy, and history for the Galactic Empire's military forces. The handbook contains information on the Imperial military, navy, stormtrooper corps, and the Imperial doctrine. It was considered vital for various Imperial commanders of the various branches of the Imperial Military, although Emperor Palpatine himself acknowledged in his concluding note that even the book was the smallest part of a commander's lesson. Although it was intended solely for use among the Imperial forces, Commander Luke Skywalker of the Rebel Alliance had managed to locate a copy six months after the Battle of Endor, and supplied it to the Alliance Command, where they proceeded to supply notes for the various elements in the book. As a result, one of the members of high command, General Carlist Rieekan, managed to come up with a strategy to remove Imperial influence in the Vorzyd sector by sabotaging deepdocks in the sector due to information from the book.

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