"Control to SCAR Squadron. Transponder is in order, but you're not broadcasting today's clearance code. I repeat, broadcast—"
―An Imperial Navy Trooper at the Impound Yard[src]

The Imperial Impound Yard was a Galactic Empire facility located on Novka, used for holding impounded starships. Sana Starros' ship, the Volt Cobra, was taken to the Imperial Impound Yard[1] after she was captured by SCAR Squadron.[2] The Rebel Alliance leaders Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo raided the Impound Yard to retrieve the Volt Cobra, assisted by Starros and Clan Markona. The Rebels crashed their stolen landing craft into the control tower, destroying it, and then crashed. The Clan then stormed the pad to secure their transports.[1]

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The Impound Yard appears in Marvel Comics' Star Wars 61: The Escape, Part VI.


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