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"Military Intelligence is even now calculating and prioritizing possible jump and egress points in those local systems, and on into the Nilgaard sector. Ships can be dispatched accordingly, my lord."
Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit providing a briefing to the Emperor[src]

Imperial Intelligence, also known as Military Intelligence (MI) or Imperial Military Intelligence, was an espionage organization of the Galactic Empire that provided services on their own accord and also fed resources to the other Imperial Military branches, the Joint Chiefs, and Emperor Sheev Palpatine. Imperial Intelligence was organized out of five Galactic Republic intelligence agencies, one of those was Republic Intelligence. It had oversight of the operations of the Naval Intelligence Agency which was briefly made its own separate organization before being folded back under Imperial Intelligence. The agency orchestrated the Senatorial arrests and played a big role in the intelligence gathering during the Berch Teller campaign. MI had weapons development oversight of Advanced Weapons Research. Director Orson Callan Krennic, the leader of the secretive department was a member of Imperial Intelligence. Whilst a member of Military Intelligence, Krennic used every tool at his disposal to find Galen Walton Erso. The Imperial Security Bureau was a sister agency and rival to Imperial Intelligence over resources, abilities, and areas of responsibility.


The Galactic Empire had carefully divided its intelligence and counter-intelligence efforts beneath two different organisations. Information that dealt primary with military matters fell under Imperial Intelligence, a branch of the Imperial Military. Meanwhile, information that dealt with potential insurrection and treason fell under the purview of the Imperial Security Bureau, a division of COMPNOR.[6]

The organization was the direct descendant of the Galactic Republic's four competing intelligence agencies[1] and Republic Intelligence.[4] To prevent corrupt senators from using the agencies they preferred, the intelligence heads combined forces around the time the emperor took control. Unified under a group known as the Ubiqtorate, Imperial Intelligence monitored organizations, enemy forces, governments and corporations. Agents generally regarded their COMPNOR counterparts as inefficient and ineffective compared to their own services and the military.[1]

They also provided services to the other military branches of the Galactic Empire. In regards to military matters, they focused on issues such as threat reports, analysis, managing assets who were gathered information, and providing briefings to the Joint Chiefs and Emperor Sheev Palpatine. A part of Imperial Intelligence, the Naval Intelligence Agency was made its own separate organization for some time, though it continued to be referred to as "Military Intelligence", before being folded back under Imperial Intelligence.[4]

Imperial Intelligence focused specifically on information that had direct relevance to military actions and strategic planning. This included traitors within the military and attacks on Imperial facilities or contractors that had housed or supplied the military with necessary resources. The organisation was also permitted to investigate leads on suspected military firms that worked in opposition to the Galactic Empire. This included planetary garrisons or mercenary units that had access to military-grade equipment.[6]

Imperial Intelligence's authority was constrained regarding opposition groups that worked without a military framework. If leads revealed an organisation that was essentially a ragtag militia armed with hunting rifles, then that investigation had to be transferred to ISB. Groups that concentrated on civilian targets like food depots, factories or even government buildings were treated similarly, as were individuals who promoted rebellious beliefs, even in public forums. Any such complications prevented Imperial Intelligence from acting upon its leads. Delays in transferring investigations to ISB, often gave suspects opportunities to elude capture, much to the frustration of Imperial agents.[6]




Bureau of OperationsEdit

Death troopersEdit

Death troopers wore a specialized stormtrooper armor with a dark gleam, were the elite soldiers of Imperial Intelligence.[7] These soldiers served as bodyguards and enforcers to high ranking Imperial officers and were used as elite special assignment commandos.[2]

Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons ResearchEdit

The Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons Research was an agency responsible for special research and development of classified weapons, both before and during the Galactic Civil War. Weapons development fell under the arm of Imperial Intelligence while the Imperial Security Bureau defended the agency's secrets.[2]

Imperial Information OfficeEdit

Imperial Information Office personnel[3] wore AJ^6 cyborg constructs and brain implants which could connect to computers and download information, to increase efficiency.[8] The offices' resources included IGV-55 surveillance vessels, which were used to monitor communications and scan data for signs of rebel activity and sedition.[9]


Internal Organization BureauEdit

Naval Intelligence AgencyEdit

The Naval Intelligence Agency was an intelligence agency that served the Imperial Navy. The division was made a separate organisation for some time before being folded back under its original parent agency.[4]

Sector PlexusEdit



Imperial Intelligence was organized out of five[4] intelligence agencies[1] following the transformation of the Republic into the Empire at the end of the Clone Wars. One of the five founding organisations was Republic Intelligence.[4] Although their missions differed slightly, there was a rivalry between Intelligence and the Imperial Security Bureau,[2] a sub-agency of COMPNOR.[4] Intelligence agents often derided the Security Bureau's obsession over treason. A common joke among them was; "How many ISB agents does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to remove it. Another to accuse the first of disloyalty!"[10] One day after the formation of the Empire, Imperial Intelligence arrested 63 senators on charges of conspiracy and treason. Several senators were part of the Delegation of 2,000, a group of senators who attempted to limit Palpatine's growing political power.[5]

Berch Teller's campaignEdit

Five years later, when Governor Tarkin and Darth Vader visited Murkhana on an investigative mission, former Republic Intelligence officer Berch Teller and a few of his accomplices, including Anora Fair, hijacked Tarkin's vessel, the Carrion Spike. They killed the ship's captain and comms officer, along with two stormtroopers, before taking off. The Imperials forced a local Sugi crime lord to give up his ship to them, and attempted to stop the captured Spike. However, Teller and his crew got away.[4]

After the successful hijacking, the insurgents of the Carrion Spike went on a campaign of destruction against various Imperial targets, such as Galidraan Station. Imperial Intelligence attempted to track and analysis their activities in order to capture them. The hijacker's information, however, was supplied to them by Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit, the Deputy Director of the Naval Intelligence Agency. However, Rancit was revealed as a traitor and executed on Vader's orders. He was replaced by Wullf Yularen and Naval Intelligence was brought back under Imperial Intelligence.[4]

The hunt for Galen ErsoEdit

After landing a lofty appointment in Imperial Intelligence, Orson Callan Krennic used every tool at his disposal to track down Galen Walton Erso.[2]

Fighting the RebellionEdit

On Empire Day in 4 BBY, the Rodian Imperial Information Office employee Tseebo fled into hiding with invaluable data on the new TIEs and walkers, schedules of troop movements, tactics, strategies, and a five year plan for the planet Lothal and every other world in the Outer Rim Territories. Tseebo escaped offworld into hiding with the help of the Spectres rebel cell.[8]

In 2 BBY,[11] Imperial Controller LT-319 and the crew of his IGV-55 surveillance vessel embarked on ambitious scheme to hijack the Spectres' C1-series astromech droid Chopper and use him to obtain intelligence on the Phoenix Cell's hidden base. However, they were defeated by Chopper's rebel comrades and the former Imperial RA-7 protocol droid AP-5. Chopper's master Hera Syndulla retaliated by transmitting back the data feed to LT-319's ship, creating a data surge that destroyed the vessel and all hands aboard.[3]

Afterwards in approximately 1 BBY,[12] a squad of death troopers led by DT-F16 was tasked with guarding a kyber crystal being transported aboard Freighter 2716 to the Tonnis sector for the secret Death Star project. Several of DT-F16's troopers were killed by the Partisan leader Saw Gerrera and the Spectres Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger. DT-F16 survived and took over the defense of the ship. After Gerrera destabilized the crystal, DT-F16 and the ship's stormtroopers tried to flee aboard a Lambda-class shuttle but the Spectres managed to escape with several liberated civilian technicians and engineers. DT-F16 was killed along with the Imperials aboard Freighter 2716 and Captain Slavin's Imperial Star Destroyer.[13]

Defection of Galen Erso and Scarif ordealEdit

During the final construction stages of the first Death Star, Director Orson Callan Krennic was accompanied by a squad of death troopers, who served as his personal bodyguard. Under Krennic's orders, these death troopers executed several scientists to punish their team leader Galen Walton Erso for conspiring with the Rebel Alliance. Later, these troopers fought rebel ground forces and perished during the Battle of Scarif.[14]

Galactic Civil WarEdit

A squad of death troopers fought the rebels during the Battle for Tatooine.[15]

Behind the scenesEdit

Imperial Intelligence was introduced into the new Star Wars Canon as "Military Intelligence" through the novel Tarkin, first released on November 4, 2014. In the book, the Naval Intelligence Agency (a division of Imperial Intelligence that was made its own agency for some time but was later folded back into the former); was also referred to as "Military Intelligence".[4] The agency's official name; "Imperial Intelligence" was first identified in Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, which was released on September 4, 2015.[10]

Imperial Intelligence also existed in Star Wars Legends, who played a role similar to their current one in canon. They were mostly the Galactic Empire's foreign intelligence service who worked with the Imperial Military.[16] Notable directors of the legends agency included Armand Isard,[17] Lord Cronal[18] and Ysanne Isard.[19]



Notes and referencesEdit

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